IL Lawyer Sues To Lift Pandemic Rules For Illinois High School Sports

An Illinois lawyer who has already sued the state governor over pandemic restrictions is now suing the Illinois High School Association on behalf of his two children.

Thomas DeVore is representing his two kids, rising seniors in an Illinois high school, according to The Chicago TribuneThe IHSA announced on July 3 that high school student-athletes could return to practice and competition if schools could implement plans for social distancing and sanitizing. But the Tribune reports that about a week later, the IHSA said Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker had required some bigger changes.

Those changes would require all athletes to wear masks during indoor athletic activities, though outdoor activities won’t require masks if athletes are socially distanced. The state would also “ban any physical contact,” which The Tribune reports means the end of scrimmages in sports like basketball, football, soccer, and water polo.

DeVore says his children will be “irreparably harmed” by the new rules. He’s filed a lawsuit claiming that the new rules updates came after an outbreak of COVID-19 infections at Lake Zurich High School. Pritzker’s deputy governor for education sent an email to the IHSA the day after the Lake Zurich outbreak mandating indoor masks and banning physical contact in sports.

DeVore has already been legally active during the coronavirus pandemic. Earlir this year, he represented business owners in a lawsuit against Governor Pritzker over stay-at-home rules.

You can read the full lawsuit against the IHSA courtesy of WAND-17, an NBC affiliate in Illinois.

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Good! I hope he wins.


I’m rooting for him too!

JP input is too short

Yeah, because the kids would definitely not be irreparably harmed by an uncontrolled pandemic.


In a new NBER survey, all age groups over-estimated their risk of dying from COVID; the most was 18-34-year-olds:
– risk of contracting COVID ~8.8%
– risk of hospitalized ~7.5%
– risk of dying ~2%

IRL global CFR for all ages is 0.1 – 0.3% (for this age group about .005%)

Interesting observations about this demographic. They judged their risk as being higher than all other age groups including those over the ages of 70.


For one, nobody should have to die, and secondly these younger kids although not likely to die will very likely pass the virus to those who are much more likely to die than themselves.


The age gradient is striking. The young attach higher probabilities to people like themselves contracting Covid-19, of being hospitalized conditional on infection, and of dying conditional on infection. Arguably, young respondents have a lifestyle that exposes them to wider networks, and this may explain why they feel more likely to be infected. But their assessment of health risks conditional on infection are puzzling in light of the evidence that Covid-19 is significantly less severe for younger people.

You’re right. Nobody should have to die. And yet each year, around 2.8 million Americans die. But we don’t stop the world for those deaths.

Vanilla Gorilla

Because the deaths aren’t all from contagious viruses? Another bad faith argument, what a surprise.


Contagious viruses aren’t the only avoidable deaths. What if we put this same passion in to heart disease deaths or drug overdose deaths?

At what point do we stop being ruled by our feelings (ie the stats I pointed out) and actually be realistic about the stats? Do you enjoy making emotional decisions only?


Contagious viruses aren’t avoidable.


We’re being told that with social distancing and masks and not doing sports competitions we can avoid the spread. But yes, you are correct. I should have clarified.

JP input is too short

Meh, a lot are more or less. Thanks vaccines.


How long does it take on average to develop a vaccine JP? A brand new one. That’s how long you want to wait it out?

Ole 99

Pfizer CEO thinks they will have their vaccine in the fall. I can wait until October.


I’ve always trust Pfizer. Good people! Even though the average development time for a safe vaccine is around 5 years, let’s do it in 7 months.

Next time you see Scott Gottlieb pushing panic on TV, keep in mind he’s on Pfizer’s board.


Every time I see Gottlieb replacing Colin I panic

JP input is too short

Sure. Sorry, I just don’t see a reason to risk lives for sports.

JP input is too short

You understand that that would be a reason not to continue with developing that particular version of vaccine, right?

Not to give up on developing a vaccine entirely.


Do you have children and have you ever driven them to a sporting event…? See where I am headed with this?
Having perspective and assessing risk is key here…

Justin Thompson

Then why the shutdowns and the masks?

Less backstroke

Maybe you should consider what is happening in some hospitals around the county that are or near ICU capacity and the strain on the doctors and nurses before declaring covid19 just another illness.


Where specifically are the hospitals at or near capacity? I don’t doubt you but I’m in healthcare and know people in various parts of the country in healthcare and in some places the hospitals are actually laying off nurses due to a lack of patients. While I acknowledge big increases in positive tests, I have not seen or heard evidence of hospitals being overwhelmed. Please share your source.

Corn Pop

I read about tf Texas & over flow in g hospitals etc but when I checked the total for 25 Dallas hospitals there was plenty of capacity . This is actually bad for hospitals , they need higher utilisation Go get that knee replacement ! .

Hot Takes:

The fatality rate is low but in the context of a nation of 330+ million people that means MILLIONS will die. I am a division 1 power 5 swimmer and I hope things open soon but claiming this virus isn’t worth taking a break is ridiculous. Swimming back and forth in a pool is not something I can morally do if it means risking more deaths. We are seeing a ridiculous upsurge in cases (don’t @ me I trust Fauci. He is way more qualified and trustworthy than a president who hasn’t spent a day studying epidemiology). There is no possible way entire teams don’t get sick. I myself am not too worried about my health but many professors and… Read more »


And yet people die from virus’s every year and have since we started recording such data. Another bad faith rebuttal.


“Very likely pass the virus” statement simply isn’t true. There’s a lot of research that indicates young children rarely pass the virus along to an adult.

Ol' Longhorn

Do you ever comment on swimming? There’s a QAnon board that might be better suited for you.


I’d love to comment on swimming. But you hysteria feeders think it’s too early for that …. do you ever engage in an argument without labeling? What in any of my arguments is based on Qanon ideology?


What chip do you currently have longhorn?

Ole 99

I nominate this for comment section post of the day.


Fact: After almost six months, over 99.95% of Americans have NOT died from Covid-19. Source: Johns Hopkins Coronavirus database.

JP input is too short

Of course, death is not the only negative consequence of COVID-19. The evidence is pointing toward long-lasting repercussions for a large bulk of the people that contract the virus. And young people would have to live with long term effects longer than older people, obviously.


Sorry, it’s a novel virus. Far too early to talk about long term damage. More hysteria from team apocalypse.

JP input is too short

Yeah, you’re right. Let’s not look at what the evidence says until it’s too late, huh?

Hank Monroe

Why don’t you post the evidence JP?

JP input is too short

Let me help you out young man. There are several articles like the one listed below that detail how these long-term symptoms are derived from past coronavirus strains because there simply isn’t enough data about this particular virus. Notice that there are a lot of words like “increasing”, “emerging”, “some”, “learning”, “could also lead to” which is all fair. We don’t know what the long term effects are and at this point these are hypothesis. People react to diseases differently just as there are side effects with medicines.

JP input is too short

See, to me the fact that we don’t know everything about the effects of this virus yet is not an argument that we should do less to mitigate it.

Awsi Dooger

The deniers are simpletons. They have no argument. The notion that everything would heal up and be perfectly fine is so moronic you can’t own two functioning brain cells to make it. The overwhelming likelihood is that the down the road ramifications will be more and worse than currently projected, not less and nothing. There have already been lung transplants required by COVID survivors, to the point the damage already has a specific term: “post-COVID fibrosis”. Here is a link (below) and I’ll paste one section. The hilarious aspect of the deniers is they have yet to be correct about anything on this matter, which makes them parallel to the performance of media on that side: “Holes in the… Read more »


Please share your “evidence “ of long term damage to “a large bulk of people who contracted the virus.”

ct swim fan

I think I will listen to the health experts, rather than to the people with agendas.


Yes, let’s listen to our government officials and pharmaceutical companies.

They have a long and rich history of not having an agenda …. oh, wait.


Of course, the evidence of long-lasting repercussions from a virus that took flight about 6 months ago 🙂


Hold on, you can’t say “The evidence is pointing toward long-lasting repercussions for a large bulk of the people that contract the virus” without backing that up.

I keep seeing this, yet…where is that coming from? Any actual scientific papers showing this?


Team reality showing strong presence today.
Suggested reading for team apocalypse:
“I’m a practicing psychiatrist who specializes in anxiety disorders, paranoid delusions, and irrational fear. I’ve been treating this in individuals as a specialist. It’s hard enough to contain these problems in normal times. What’s happening now is a spread of this serious medical condition to the whole population. It can happen with anything but here we see a primal fear of disease turning into mass panic. It seems almost deliberate. It is tragic. Once this starts, it could take years to repair the psychological damage.”


This is right. The fear of the virus is doing far more damage than the virus itself.

JP input is too short
Working Swim Mom

You do realize that if a school district has 50,000 kids (bigger suburban district) that death rate would be 1000 kids, right? Which one are okay to die? We need to quit thinking percentages and think about it differently. If the numbers were only seniors in high school and a school has a class of 500, that is 10 kids from that class. Stop and think about what would happen if 10 kids from one graduating class died. I’m not sure I could live with those numbers.


You missed the point entirely. That’s the % that they would die from virus. Actual % is extremely close to zero. Likely no kids would die in a typical school district. So far, 13 kids ages 5-14 have died from it. Don’t buy the fear from team apocalypse.


Are you finding it difficult to breathe with all that sand up your nose?


How many teachers, parents, and administrators in a school are you okay with dying?

Less than 3,000 Americans died in the 9/11 attacks. We pause and remember them every single year. Those losses were incredibly hard on us, myself included. The whole nation was on edge after. Why are we now brushing off 130k+ deaths as no big deal and “people die sometimes? I have acquaintances who are still terrified of Islam yet aren’t scared of “just a virus”. That’s some pretty strong cognitive dissonance.


Chances are kids wouldn’t be harmed….comment image

Swimmer A

You know they have coaches and teachers and parents, right?


I can’t understand why these comments about anyone other than the kids get voted down. How many officials, parent volunteers, and coaches are we willing to sacrifice? Our typical home school swim meets requires almost all of our parents to volunteer.


For my buddy Ol Longhorn:

Is that Qanon propaganda? Read the whole thread, it’s short.

I’ll see you on here tomorrow! Hopefully you can advocate for swim meets and swim seasons by then.

Justin Thompson

Hard facts. Coach coming strong with the data 💪

Gaglianone’s Boot

Your idea of “data” is presenting a single unqualified graph from a completely different country with different policies and healthcare systems to say…what exactly? People aren’t dying? You’re exactly the kind of mark qanon loves!

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