How NC State Captured Its 2nd ACC Women’s Title in the Last 3 Years



1. North Carolina State Universit   1353   
2. Virginia, University of          1282
3. Louisville, University of        1146   
4. Notre Dame, University of       909.5
5. Duke University                   764   
6. Florida State University          727
7. North Carolina, University of,  700.5   
8. VA Tech                         477.5
9. Georgia Institute of Technolog    360  
10. Pittsburgh, University of         334
11. University of Miami (Florida)   293.5  
12. Boston College                    154

In what was anticipated to be a fierce and tight battle for the Women’s ACC crown, NC State pulled off a moderately comfortable win over runner-up Virginia, and a pretty big win over 3rd place Louisville. NC State had our #5 freshmen class going into this year, and boy, did they deliver. That’s not to say the freshmen were the one thing that allowed NC State to take the title, because the Wolfpack was strong up and down the roster.

Here is a breakdown of individual points by class:

  • Freshmen – 250
  • Sophomore – 367.5
  • Junior – 285
  • Senior – 155

The Wolfpack was pretty evenly distributed through the classes, with the senior class being clearly the lowest scoring class. In defense of the senior class, there were only 4 seniors competing for the team at this meet, marking a 38.75 average score for each senior swimmer. That compares to a 50-point average for the freshmen, 47.19 average for sophomores, and 52 average for juniors. The gap doesn’t look quite as drastic when broken down in that way.

NC State won a total of 3 relays and 8 inidividual events. On top of that, they posted a mind-blowing 1-2-3-4 finish in the 400 IM, and a 1-2-3-5 finish in the 1650. Freshman Sophie Hansson was NC State’s leading scorer, racking up 90 points on her own, including 2 event titles and a 4th place finish in the 200 IM. With the majority of NC State’s points coming from their underclassmen, the future is bright for the Wolfpack.

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And they had two of their better swimmers out sick with the flu.




I would guess Glover and Lupton based on who didn’t swim (at least from what I can tell), but I could be wrong. But I would be curious also

The Wolf of Raleigh

This article could be summed up in a few words:

Superior Coaching Staff
Better Work Ethic
Stronger under pressure





R u on the pool deck at each school? Who r u to comment better work ethic?

The Wolf of Raleigh

Not saying UVA don’t work hard, just saying they don’t work as hard as NC State. Thus the result of this years ACC’s championship. You don’t think the hardest working team won? Or are you so naive to believe the hardest working team didn’t win? Please keep your ignorant comments to yourself.



How do u know. Dumb comment

2 Cents

Agree. VERY DUMB!! Wouldn’t the team that “worked harder” have swam through the meet and not tapered? The team that worked the hardest still did 10k yards in their workout on Tuesday/Wednesday before the meet???

Point being, your comment is beyond moronic.

The Wolf of Raleigh

Or do you think UVA has a better work ethic than NC State but still ended up losing to them? LOL on you for admitting that.

UVA fans crack me up!


Everyone on earth in the swimming community knows work ethic doesn’t always equate to winning. Even though you have no right to comment on the matter unless ur on the pool decks at the schools ur comparing work ethic to.

Sometimes taper timing, talent, and other factors affect times just as much as work ethic.

Step back man.


Holloway + Beradino = ACC TITLES


Holloway, Bernadino, AND Guntoro. You cant overlook what Bobby has done with the sprint women like Calegan, Perry, Rowe and his help with Hansson.

The whole coaching staff is top notch for any stroke discipline or distance you could want.


If you’re going to talk about the women’s sprint success this season you can’t overlook the contributions of Brandt Nigro. He took lead with Calegan this season (1:01.1 to 59.4) and was behind Rowe’s improvements freshman year (23.2 to 22.0). Team effort by a great staff, but Nigro has a history of developing his swimmers to a high level as well. Bobby and Brandt make a great coaching combo.

Sweetie T

That is the best statement made Bobby was one of the main reasons for Brandt’s move to NCSTATE in addition to Braden and the entire make up the the team success great future ahead keep your eye on him

Pack Mack

They already won ACC titles before Dino joined the Pack. The goal is to move up from 4th in NCAA’s now and in the future.

Virginia Fan

Holloway+DeSorbo+Taylor+Houchin+Guntoro = ACC Title


haha funny how 3 of those people weren’t there this year, yet the women still won the title…

2 Cents

Also funny how none of the State fans know how to spell Bernardino. smh

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