Hennessey Stuart Enjoying Life as a Pro Swimmer and Civil Engineer (Video)


NC State pro Hennessey Stuart concluded the 2019 Charlotte Ultra with a victory in the 200 backstroke, stopping the clock in 2:02.29. Stuart also took 2nd in the 100 backstroke, behind teammate Coleman Stewart, in 56.16.

Since graduating, in addition to training at a high level, Stuart has began working at a civil engineering firm in Raleigh.

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Sunny Cal
3 years ago

Really admire him. Wish more swimmers would get real job while still swimming. Real life isnt just going to practice every day & having the rest of the day off to sleep and rest. Way to go, Mr. Stuart, you’ve also got an awesome job!!

3 years ago

He is living the dream! If I improve enough, I would love to do what he is doing. Best of luck!

3 years ago

We want Cinnamon

3 years ago

Dosent ‘pro’ indicate he makes money from swimming? He is more of a post grad than a pro.

Reply to  Jjran
3 years ago

I hate to tell you that most pro-swimmers don’t make money from swimming. They make money from ‘bonus’ and ‘camp money’.

3 years ago

Don’t forget about his other side job as announcer for the Pack’s home meets….

3 years ago

Awesome – swimmers are the best student athletes on the planet!

Curious Swimma
3 years ago

Respect to the athletes that stick with the sport after college. While also juggling a regular job.

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