Harting Wins Swim Off Over Smachlo to Make 100 Fly A-Final


Updating an earlier story, Batman-themed showman Zach Harting beat out Miles Smachlo in a swim-off this morning to resolve a tie for 8th place, and a chance to swim in tonight’s A-final of the 100 fly.

Both men went 53.16 this morning to tie for 8th place – lifetime-bests in both cases.

At first, it looked like the swim-off might result in yet another tie, as Harting and Smachlo both hit the 50m wall in exactly 25.17 seconds.  But Harting pulled ahead down the home stretch, outsplitting Smachlo 27.46 to 27.91.  Both men lowered their times from this morning, with Harting winning in 52.63 and Smachlo touching in 53.08.

Harting will swim in lane 8 tonight for the A-final, where he will line up against top seeds Jack Conger and Caeleb Dressel, among others.  Smachlo will get lane four in the B-final, and both will be competing for spots on the World University Games team, although now Harting also has an outside chance at making the World Championships squad.


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Midwest Madness

Who else can’t stand this kid?

I’m sure he’s a great kid but turn down the antics and let people appreciate your swimming talent and save the costumes for Halloween

Swim Mom

No congratulations to the young man he beat either, it was all about him and pumping himself up. Can’t stand to see that in swimming.


Do away with the batman cape and mask. You’re not 6 yrs old anymore!!


dont follow swimming if u dont like unique beings to be part of it

Ex Quaker

Darn those people that aren’t afraid to stand out! They should all live inside the little mental box I’ve formed for them!

Rocket Bay

Reminds me of Gary Hall Jr.


Gary was a great swimmer nonetheless – i dont keep his frescos in memory

Coach John

I think it adds to the swimming personally. Sports can be so rigid and rife with rules regulations. in a pool full of conformists one man chooses to stand alone…. BATMAN!

and wow on a stellar 52point 100FLY… hope the kids makes WUGS

Sir Swimsalot

Just let the guy have some fun…


Nah. I want more antics. The answer to making swimming entertaining is not 50’s of stroke or mixed medley relays. It’s interesting athletes.


Swimmers should have entrance themes like pro wrestlers. Michael Andrew would get Here to Show the World, Dolph Zigglers theme


He seems to love swimming and love having fun. Not sure how you can hate on that.


yeah , haters are loosers in my book of values


You hate Batman but I bet you love Sierra Schmidt’s dancing!!!


Funny how u just turned up for this comment section – didnt see u comment on actual swimming …..something is wrong with this picture , dont think ?


Batman is probably the 8th best superhero, so, it’s fitting!

Dan Smith

Honestly…saw him at OTrials last year. He was interviewed later. Said he is having some fun with it, and if I can paraphrase him correctly, “we’re all kind of entertainers.” A good/great swimmer; he has some fun, no harm as the people that paid to see him and the meet are entertained, and smile. The crowd enjoyed him and his costume thoroughly, even the announcer played it up. After a half-century plus of competitive swimming, I do not see the harm in it. He is swimming for fun.

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