Garrett Reports: Weekend Wrap Up for Monday, September 24th

A fresh format and some big cash prizes made for an exciting weekend of racing in Rio, and Sun Yang may have to move forward without the help of his Australian coach. Plus the Cal Bears are off a great start in the pool and the recruiting race. We’ll tell you about all of that plus our poll of the week, on SwimSwam News for Monday September 24th.

Do you think swimming is popular enough in the US to support a Professional Swim League?

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11 years ago

It would be sweet watching the “daytona beach dragons” captained by lochte against the “colorado missiles” led by missy on ESPN one day, but in order to keep up their two-a-days 6 days a week training cycles to max out the summer meets, it would be tough to give it all at weekly meets with all the traveling, and also with most swimmers perfering their own coaches. The season would need to run sept-dec if it was started, and with the added money I’m sure a lot of pros would go for it

Ray Miller
11 years ago

Professional Swim League in US is defiately on the horizon.
They let MBA basketball players participate in the Olympics..
why not swimmers?
I have seem mile lake races listrd in the US or 3 mile
5 mile. & 7+ mile races for cash prizes.
Why not all swimming events?
Not everyone goes off to college after High School
& many swimmers would compete for cash prizes.
I hope it would be divided into age groups like masters swimming.
Ray Miller age. 62 & still playing waterpolo & swimming

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