FINIS Set of the Week: The Essentials – Distance Free and Kick

Set of the Week is courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam partner.

This week’s set comes from Alan Bircher, Head Coach Ellesmere College, GB Junior Coach.

Distance swimming has gone through a major transformation in the past 5 years – namely, the amount of kicking. The world’s top distance swimmers are activating a major kick during the entirety of their races – and the proof is in the numbers! Times are getting faster, and the motorboat style kicks are getting even more ubiquitous. How to master this key to speed? Train like you want it.

4 x 400 free
#1 at Base Interval, #2 at Base -5, #3-5 at Base -10
Focusing on a strong kick to hold speed on #3-5

3 Rounds
Recommended: Alignment Kickboard
1 x 50 kick max on 1:00
1 x 50 swim easy on :50
1 x 50 kick 25 max / 25 easy on 1:05
1 x 50 swim easy on :50
50 kick 12.5 max / 37.5 easy on 1:10
150 swim easy

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About FINIS, Inc.

John Mix and Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Pablo Morales founded FINIS in Northern California in 1993 with a mission to simplify swimming for athletes, coaches, beginners and lifelong swimmers around the world. Today, FINIS fulfills that mission through innovation, high-quality products and a commitment to education. FINIS products are currently available in over 80 countries. With a focus on innovation and the fine details of swimming, FINIS will continue to develop products that help more people enjoy the water.

Set of the Week is courtesy of FINIS, Inc., a SwimSwam partner.

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5 years ago

So this set should be set up differently. I would transition from kick to swim to help carry the legs over into the 400 swim. Secondly, (getting picky) but there’s only 4×400, but workout states hold base -10 on #s 3-5. Nevertheless, below is how I’d run set:

4x[ 1×50 ez @ 1:00
1x50k build @ 1:00
1x50k 25ez/25fast @1:00
1x50k max @ 1:30
400fr @ 5:00 ]

1st round- build each 100 of 400
2nd- negative split by 200
3rd- broken 10 secs at each 100
4th- AFAP for time

I’m assuming this was written for either SCM or LCM. If running set for SCY I would switch 400s to 500s.