FINA Says Published Paris 2024 Olympic Qualification Procedures Are Outdated

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 11

April 20th, 2022 News

In spite of an official document being published on the Olympics website on Tuesday, FINA says that the widely-disseminated Olympic qualification procedure is an “old draft.”

The governing body has declined to elaborate on what parts of the draft were outdated and when they planned on releasing a final draft, saying that they “cannot comment any further except to reiterate that the published standards are not final.”

Based on the language contained in the document, which already confirms the postponement of the Fukuoka World Championships to 2023, that draft must have been made no earlier than January 2022. The document is labeled April 1, 2022.

According to the draft published, the qualifying period for the Olympic Games begins in 11 months, on March 1, 2023. The qualifying standards for Tokyo 2020 were released in May 2018, while the qualifying standards for Rio 2016 were released in January 2015, both of which would have been a later timeline than April 2022.

The published standards were set as the faster of the Tokyo 2020 cuts, or 14th place in prelims of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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Willem Coetzee
9 months ago

FINA must be the worst governing body in all sport… 🤣😡😡

9 months ago

April Fools!

Awsi Dooger
9 months ago

It was the Ryan Leaf version

9 months ago

It’s honestly just upsetting to see these corrupt bureaucrats grift off of the sport I love while not even being able to maintain a bare minimum standard of competency. A middle school student wouldn’t screw up submitting a draft as a final work give me a break.

9 months ago

Funny thing, when you take the average of the B (OCT) times from 2020 & 2024 you get a time that is very close to 2% slower than the A (OQT) times.
Taking the average of the 3 fastest listed B cuts in the article where the qualifying times were compared we end up with a time that is between 2.5%-3% slower than the A cut.

Was looking at the FINA Draft and in the selection for individual events, it looks like they were inspired by the NCAA in filling their events.

The Original Tim
9 months ago

Ah, FINA, the gift that keeps on giving

9 months ago

This is FINA’s April 1st joke. It’s just out more than half a month late due to their working efficiency.

Jane Dressel's Vertical Leap
Reply to  olivy
9 months ago

How do we nominate comments for the Best of 2022 list?

9 months ago

It would be better any of the below:
I am sorry, I was high
Intern did it

And for lit lovers: it was not me, it was my lyrical self

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