FINA Received Names Of Russian Athletes With Allegedly-Doctored Tests

FINA confirmed this month that it received from WADA the names of Russian athletes implicated in reports of a state-sponsored doping program in Russia that covered up positive anti-doping tests.

Inside The Games reports that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) provided a list of the names of around 300 Russian athletes to various international sporting federations. The athletes are thought to have failed doping tests that were covered up and officially reported as negative tests over a three-plus year span from April 2012 to September 2015.

Russia has been accused of a litany of anti-doping rules violations over the past year or so, most notably in the McLaren Reports, which detailed a state-sponsored program that allegedly swapped out athlete urine samples for different samples that would pass anti-doping tests. Russian athletes had to undergo a more detailed eligibility process to be able to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympics, though nearly all the nation’s notable swimmers were ultimately cleared to compete, many of them at the last minute.

For the 2018 Winter Olympics, Russia has been officially banned, with cleared Russian athletes allowed to compete under the Olympic banner.

Inside The Games reports that WADA provided its list to FINA, the international swimming federation, along with federations for volleyball (FIVB) and soccer (FIFA), among others. FINA provided this statement to Russian news service TASS regarding the list of names:

“We will study them carefully. We will also work closely with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and WADA on all necessary investigations. The protection of honest, clean athletes has always been our priority.”

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Any idea who’s included (the temptation to leak must have become overpowering to at least someone!)?


300?!?! Well that reminds me yet again to not take any Russian performance seriously


Actually it was 10,000 names on the original list and it was cut down to the top 300 elite ahletes the rest probably never made their sports national teams.


Exactly why I find a 17 year old Russian breaking the world record in the 100 scm back and putting up phenomenal times in everything else pretty interesting.


If the Russians are doping and they lose to the Americans (or any other country for that matter), what does that say about them?


Well helloooo…. Americans are more talented and work harder than anyone else…


like Lilly King.




Or what does that say about the Americans…..




Just cause you dope doesn’t mean you are way better than the rest prime example Sean Mahoney don’t think he won a single international competition medal unless you count duel in the pool


Americans are doping too. There is doping in every sport in America, and somehow, we want to believe that all swimmers are clean? Lol.


It is not only Russians. The entire Eastern Europe cheats. Governments are corrupt (well, now not much more than American one) and athletes/people have nothing to lose. Cheating is acceptable.


If I was told to go race Phelps I would want to cheat too


Why at only the US athletes and government?


Appropriate nickname…

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