FINA Announces Olympic Officials For Rio 2016

FINA has announced the team of 22 officials who will judge the swimming portion of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The full list is here, straight from the FINA website. We’ve also republished the names below:

  • Ken Jones (AUS)
  • David Shewfelt (CAN)
  • Ninfa Aliaga (CHI)
  • Haoran Yuan (CHN)
  • Bjorn Brander (DEN)
  • Craig Hunger (GBR)
  • Dieter Geus (GER)
  • Katalin Sass (HUN)
  • Rajiv Nair Sukumaran (IND)
  • Marwan Dakory (JOR)
  • Naoyuki Goto (JPN)
  • Mireille Zimmer (LUX)
  • Karina van Holst Pellekaan (NED)
  • Ron Clarrke (NZL)
  • Waldemar Kilian (POL)
  • Morgan Toro (PUR)
  • Brenda Smit (RSA)
  • Malick Fall (SEN)
  • Lindsay Gillette (TRI)
  • Jay Thomas (USA)
  • Gregoriy Bugakov (USA)
  • Starter: Cecil Gordon (USA)

The 21 judges represent 21 different nations from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The 22nd official is the starter, Cecil Gordon of the United States. Gordon was previously profiled on the USA Swimming website, and you can read that interview here.

Update: In addition, Brazil’s reports that 11 Brazilian officials will also be working the Olympic Games as well as the Maria Lenk Trophy, which is serving as the Olympic facility test event. That list is below:

  • Andréa Coelho (CE)
  • Maria Cristina Santos (SC)
  • Regina Thon (PR)
  • Marcelo Falcão (PE)
  • Daniel Schneider (SP)
  • Marcelo Fonseca (RJ)
  • Sandro Andrade (BA)
  • Renato Melo (MG)
  • Anderson Osório (RS)
  • Jefferson Borges (MS)
  • (Starter) Renato Barroso (SP)

The full swimming list was announced this week. FINA has previously named its officiating crews for water polo, synchronized swimming and diving. You can check out those lists below:

You can get more information on all the events on the FINA website here.

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Years of Plain Suck

Who is the announcer going to be?

Who is that dude who does a lot of the big meets for US Swimming? He’d be perfect: “Come on Rio, put your hands together so that the swimmers can hear you! We got a world record going here — let’s bring her home! On your feet and cheer!”

C Martin

^ Sam Kendricks!! The GOAT


I’d like to see Chris Hindmarch-Watson announce

Neil Jones

Agreed 100% !!! Good Canadian kid. ..!


Great choice of starter from the USA – Go Dr. Gordon!!!


Gearing up for the big show.

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