Energy Standard Fields 7 of Top 9 Money-Earners At ISL Indy Opener

Sarah Sjostrom leads all money-earners after one stop of the International Swimming League, and Florent Manaudou has also cracked five-figure earnings in one meet.

The prize money system is heavily weighted to athletes on the best teams, so it’s no surprise that Energy Standard team members make up 7 of the top 9 earners from Indy. That’s even before the team bonuses, which will come at the final in December, where Energy Standard is the clear favorite.

The Cali Condors have three of the top 10 earners. Meanwhile no one from the DC Trident or the Aqua Centurions made more than $4200 in the opening stop.

The big money comes in the ‘skins’ races, and all four of the skins finalists (Sjostrom, Manaudou, Femke Heemskerk, Ben Proud) are among the top seven earners.

ISL Prize Money Format

Athletes and relays earn money for top-4 finishes under the following system:

Regular season:

Individual Event Relay Skins
1st $1,800 $900 $5,400
2nd $1,200 $600 $3,600
3rd $600 $300 $1,800
4th $300 $150 $900

ISL Finals meet:

Individual Event Relay Skins
1st $6,000 $3,000 $18,000
2nd $4,000 $2,000 $12,000
3rd $2,000 $1,000 $6,000
4th $1,000 $500 $3,000

Prize Money Lists After Indy

Earners By Team

Energy Standard

Energy Standard $74,400
Sarah Sjostrom $13,500
Florent Manaudou $10,200
Chad le Clos $8,400
Femke Heemskerk $5,400
Ben Proud $5,100
Kliment Kolesnikov $4,800
Ilya Shymanovich $4,500
Simonas Bilis $3,300
Evgeny Rylov $3,150
Anton Chupkov $2,550
Kayla Sanchez $2,400
Penny Oleksiak $2,100
Sergey Shevtsov $1,350
Mykhailo Romanchuk $1,200
Emily Seebohm $1,200
Ivan Girev $1,200
Georgia Davies $900
Imogen Clark $900
Kierra Smith $600
Rebecca Smith $600
Kregor Zirk $450
Anastasiya Shkurdai $300
Charlotte Bonnet $300

Cali Condors

Cali Condors $54,750
Olivia Smoliga $8,100
Lilly King $6,300
Kelsi Dahlia $4,500
Mitch Larkin $4,050
Melanie Margalis $3,900
Kylie Masse $3,900
Molly Hannis $3,000
Kasia Wasick $2,850
Hali Flickinger $2,700
Kelsey Wog $2,400
Mark Szaranek $2,100
Ariarne Titmus $2,100
Nic Fink $1,500
Mallory Comerford $1,500
Natalie Hinds $1,200
Anton Ipsen $900
Townley Haas $750
Justin Ress $600
Kacper Majchrzak $600
Mary-Sophie Harvey $600
John Shebat $600
Radoslaw Kawecki $300
Bowe Becker $150
Signe Bro $150

Aqua Centurions

Aqua Centurions $25,200
Breno Correia $3,900
Santo Condorelli $3,600
Nicolo Martinenghi $3,000
Simone Sabbioni $2,700
Matteo Rivolta $1,800
Fabio Scozzoli $1,800
Philip Heintz $1,200
Poul Zellman $1,200
Alessandro Miressi $1,200
Margherita Panziera $600
Travis Mahoney $600
Franziska Hentke $600
Federica Pellegrini $600
Lidon Munoz $600
Luco Dotto $600
Elena di Liddo $300
Martina Carraro $300
Sarah Kohler $300
Laszlo Cseh $300

DC Trident

DC Trident $25,050
Katie Ledecky $4,200
Siobhan Haughey $3,750
Andreas Vazaios $3,150
Brianna Throssell $2,250
Zane Grothe $2,100
Jay Litherland $1,800
Bethany Galat $1,350
Simona Kubova $1,350
Lisa Bratton $1,200
Robert Howard $1,050
Giles Smith $600
Tristan Hollard $450
Cody Miller $300
Leiston Pickett $300
Velimir Stjepanovic $300
Anika Apostalon $300
Annika Bruhn $300
Jeremy Stravius $150
Zach Apple $150

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These payouts aren’t huge but the base salary plus this is a great advancement for swimming


It’s a start. Totally enjoyed the first meet and looking forward to the next ISL meet in Rome!

Next stop is in Naples.

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