Emma McKeon Explains Not Overthinking Races in ISL Season 3 Debut


Reported by Reid Carlson.


Emma McKeon takes the win in the first race of the day, but Cali Condors place 2nd and 3rd with Natalie Hinds and Erika Brown, respectively. Cali earns a total of 13 points while the London Roar earns 10 points from McKeon’s win and Kim Busch placing 8th. Tokyo earned 8 points while the Aqua Centurions get just 7 points.

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10 days ago

4 times Olympic gold medalist in Tokyo & 100 & 50 free olympic champion, wow you now look at Emma McKeon in a different light, what a legend.

Reply to  Robbos
9 days ago

Whilst it was impossible to know the precise scope and colours of her Tokyo swag; it wasn’t perhaps the “left-fielder” some would portray as she was certainly sending out some very real signals as far back as 2019 that she was no longer “best supporting act” but very much a headliner. Being near season MVP in ISL1, whilst SC, was very much a message sent and she was certainly sending out any number of reminders in the lead-in to Tokyo that she was now AUS top sprint freestyler and would be having a very major say in the medal destinations.

She seems to be in a “good place” mentally and here’s hoping she stays healthy going forward. Whilst Tokyo will… Read more »

Reply to  Robbos
9 days ago

What’s there to overthink? McKeon swam 1250 meters total in Tokyo and won seven medals. Never has anyone (except maybe Dressel) won so much for doing so little “thinking”. But at least Dressel takes out World Records and isn’t always complaining about his shoulders like McKeon. McKeon and Chalmers can now have fun perhaps competing in 2024 to see who wins more Olympic bronze medals, with their four apiece.

10 days ago

What’s even crazier about this is the 2 weeks quarantine then going to lockdown in nsw before leaving and smashing this!

Corn Pop
Reply to  Aussie
10 days ago

Maybe we should do this for more people more often .

Reply to  Aussie
10 days ago

Pretty sure she could swim at her parents swim school whilst in NSW . Probably not a lot though

Reply to  Joel
8 days ago

Pretty sure she can’t under the current restrictions in NSW. Swimming pools are closed during lockdown in Australia.

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