ECU Programs Under Internal Investigation For Alleged Hazing Incident

The men’s and women’s swimming & diving programs at East Carolina University are currently under investigation for an alleged hazing incident involving newcomers to the team last week.

Local NBC affiliate WITN reports that all team activities are suspended while the school investigates the matter. The school’s sports information director confirmed to WITN that there was an investigation ongoing, saying that all team activities are “on hold” until the investigation has been completed.

The alleged incident occurred on Friday, August 25th and involved “freshman and transfer athletes,” according to the NBC affiliate’s report.

Hazing concerns have put a number of collegiate swimming & diving programs in hot water recently. Dartmouth put its women’s team on probation over the summer, cancelling three fall meets as well as the team’s winter break training trip, in response to allegations that the first-year team members were told to “create and present a sexualized PowerPoint presentation” for their teammates during the 2016 winter training trip.

Division II Drury head coach Brian Reynolds was forced to “step back” from his coaching duties after allegations of hazing by a former swimmer. And it was more than two years ago that Western Kentucky suspended its swimming & diving programs entirely for five years (and eliminated its coaching staff) in response to hazing allegations.

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I feel for the people on the ECU team who transferred from WKU. They can’t get away.

Swim Chick

Yeah really… aren’t there quite a few? I feel for them.


Maybe that’s part of the problem. They didn’t learn anything a few years ago.


You’re kidding me right? These swimmers would have been freshman and would have been the “hazed”. Be careful of you allegations.


They’re probably the worst offenders

Harry Dresden

Hazing has been around forever and will continue regardless of how butthurt people get about it. Sorry to burst your safe space, I mean bubble.

Steve Nolan

do u wanna cuddle, big boy?

Harry Dresden

My username is the titular character from a fairly popular book series. I am in fact a 65 year old woman, and I assure you my husband has me covered on the cuddling front, big boy.

crooked donald

Pretty sure you’re just a college guy who’s a troll and irrelevant.

Harry Dresden

Yes, everyone who doesn’t have an untraliberal opinion is a troll…nailed it crooked Donald, obvious non-troll.

Ghosts of WKU

Preach on brother! Nothing like a little harmful hazing to bring a team…never mind!

Gary Teekay

It is likely to continue but at a greater and greater cost to those who do it.

Harry Dresden

Until society cycles back around out of this oversensitivity fad it’s in right now and people stop caring about such minor things.

Reality check

Society needs to cycle back and not move forward? Plan to writing about your vacation to Charlottesville this summer???

Harry Dresden

Never been. Plan on making more baseless assumptions about things completely unrelated to this topic???

Reality check

I sure can! My baseless assumption is that you must have loved the supremacy that a hazing ritual gave you while making your teammates do humiliating, and more than likely illegal activities, and definitely not a 65 year old woman that hangs out on swimswam on a Friday night that endorses hazing. Try again junior.

Harry Dresden

Go back and quote for me the part of any of my comments that endorses hazing. You won’t find it, because I didn’t. What I did say, and stand by, is that it has always happened and always will. I have to laugh at the obvious disconnect between your chosen name and your comments.

Reality check

You asked for baseless assumptions Troll Boy, and I delivered. Also glad I am able to make you laugh, though my opinion is that hazing is hardly a laughing matter If allegations are true, these swimmers really made a big mistake in the name of tradition and will affect their season and well as their program reputation. That’s reality.

Swim Pop

Because nothing is more fun than humiliation, well, maybe hazing deaths…..

ct swim fan

I’m hoping you’re kidding with this comment. We aren’t talking about freshman carrying the water jug or getting up and singing their high school fight song. The sexual abuse and making people drink themselves into oblivion in the name of team building is not fun, it’s downright scary. The fact that it has been going on “forever” in no way makes it right. People are being personally humiliated and some are even dying because of the excessive drinking. There are much better ways to build a team and it’s great that some people have realized this.

Harry Dresden

I agree, the only thing I said, and will continue to say when the subject comes up, is that it HAS ALWAYS HAPPENED and WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN. At no point in any of my comments did I say I supported or agreed with the idea, simply that regardless of my or anyone else’s feelings, it does and will continue to happen. And also that there are much more important concerns in the world to focus on then some embarrassing behavior by college kids. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I do know this. No matter what I or anyone else wants to happen, certain things in life are going to happen. You’re a fool if you think otherwise.… Read more »

Swim Mom

Just because it’s always happened doesn’t mean it is right or should continue to happen. And if people don’t adopt your way of thinking – it doesn’t have to continue to happen.

How do you stop a problem? No simple answers – but putting in consequences for those that do wrong is a part of the deterrent.

Being humiliated, encouraged or forced to drink, should not be a part of team culture. Those who think it’s “butt hurt” (nice mature phrase – shows the educational and class level of those who use it) to try and change or enforce consequences are part of the problem.

Harry Dresden

I’d posit that people who take a single word and use it to extrapolate a bunch of unverifiable information about another person are part of the problem

Swim mom

65 year old woman? More like an 18 year old troll.

Harry Dresden

Betcha can’t prove it


ECU has a swim program?

Sup Dawg

Men’s 3x (and defending) American Conference Champs.

Harry Dresden

There’s an American conference?


Not all kids can swim high D1. Charming of you to run down conferences that are more mid tier. They are D1 athletes, despite your snark.

If you are a true swimming fan, you’d want programs like ECU thriving, vs vanishing like Buffalo, etc.

Harry Dresden

Oh my apologies, I didn’t realize you were the authority on how swimming fans get to conduct themselves. I beg your forgiveness.


I’m certainly not but one thing message board trolls seem to forget is critique can go two ways. Which is all I’m pointing out about your lame (IMO) comment about the AAC.

Harry Dresden

I guess it was. Almost as lame as the American Conference


I’ll be sure to avoid your commentary in the future. My bad for engaging.

Harry Dresden

You’ll be sorely missed

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