Distance Set at Stanford

Stanford assistant coach, Scott Armstrong and the Cardinal distance group filmed and produced a video of an impressive early season distance set. Thanks to Danny Thomson, Robert Hommel, Drew Cosgarea, Mitch Stoehr, Chris Pickard, and Bryan Offut for sharing their set. If you have a set that you think swimmers and swammers would like to watch, send it over and if it’s worthy we’ll post it.

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Ashling Delecourt
8 years ago

glad nobody filmed our 50 x 100 IM on 1:15 scy #cried

8 years ago

Nice, Metallica!

Reply to  ChestRockwell
8 years ago

And a really good Metallica song, too!

But then there was Skrillex and that just erases all that built-up goodwill.

8 years ago

Keep the workout videos comin’. Was one of my favorite features of floswimmin.

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