Distance Set at Stanford

  40 Garrett McCaffrey | November 06th, 2012 | Coach's Log, College, Training

Stanford assistant coach, Scott Armstrong and the Cardinal distance group filmed and produced a video of an impressive early season distance set. Thanks to Danny Thomson, Robert Hommel, Drew Cosgarea, Mitch Stoehr, Chris Pickard, and Bryan Offut for sharing their set. If you have a set that you think swimmers and swammers would like to watch, send it over and if it’s worthy we’ll post it.

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Jason Roberts

Northern Ky did this set as well. We did not have the times on the 500 as much but our 100’s were pretty strong. We had 1 boy do the set on 5:00…He put out 5:01 ‘s(Ooops) but averaged 52.0 on the 100’s…
I am assuming no breaks were taken between rounds so we did it straight through. Our B and C cycles were 5:20 and 5:40(More sprint minded kids) most of these guys or girls averaged between 54 – 57’s .
Love seeing sets like this.

Gordon Shaw

If Flowswim was so good, why did it die? I looked at it as the best I had seen, and now its gone why? I look from Western Australia and wonder why? Can Swimswam step up to the mark????

Garret McCaffrey was the heart and soul of FloSwimming. The owners thought they coulf do it without him so they parted ways. After he was gone the content went way downhill and they folded soon after.

Great video. Keep’em coming. Swim fast, live slow.


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