Denmark Moves Swimming Up To Phase 3, Could Reopen June 8

The Danish Swimming Union says that swimming and aquatic centers have been moved from Phase 4 to Phase 3 of Denmarks’ national reopening plan, meaning the sport could start resuming as soon as June 8.

Last week, Denmark’s political parties reopened a number of public institutions, including theaters, museums, aquariums and zoos, effectively immediately. Denmark’s borders were set to reopen as of May 25, and high schools could reopen as of today, Wednesday, May 27.

Per the Danish swimming federation, aquatic centers were originally included in Phase 4 of the reopening plan, which likely won’t happen until August. But the federation says it has lobbied for swimming to be included in an earlier phase, and reported last week that “club swimming now finally appears to be part of the reopening on June 8 on par with the other indoor sports.”

In other Denmark-related news, the country is also finalizing its National Training Center coaching staff for next summer’s Olympics. The swimming federation says it has hired Jon Langberg to serve as “NTC group coach,” keeping him at the national training center. The federation says he and Mick Steen Nielsen have been “important pieces” of the nation’s high performance program and that Langberg will work in close interaction with national coach Stefan Hansen.

Per the Danish federation, the following swimmers were training out of the NTC as of January 1, 2020:

  • Emilie Beckmann
  • Signe Bro
  • Amalie Mikkelsen
  • Emily Gantriis
  • Matilde Schroeder
  • Victoria Bierre
  • Mathias Zander Rysgaard
  • Tobias Bjerg
  • Marcus Kroeyer Svendsen

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