Dear Tomorrow,

Dear Tomorrow,

For many swimmers, you will be another day without the water. Another day of dryland, of running, and of missing coaches and teammates. For swimmers, the water is a sanctuary, a place where they go to relieve themselves of the stresses of the modern world. But the modern world has changed drastically, and with that change has come new sources of stress that can no longer simply be quelled by the pool.

It has been hard to adjust to this new way of living. We have become a nation of involuntary introverts, fearful of leaving our homes, and distrusting of others when we do. For athletes, this has been an especially difficult transition. Going from double swim practices to none, from the pool to the couch has created a new challenge: staying in shape while staying sane. It is a balancing act that teeters between keeping one’s physical and emotional states healthy, while also catering to one’s athletic responsibilities. It is no small feat to maintain all three.

However, although the nation has turned into one that keeps six feet apart, it is now closer than ever. People have united in the face of adversity, and support and love have trumped loneliness and fear. The future is murky, but we have the opportunity to allow our humanity to be the light within the dark.

You hold uncertainty, challenges, and, for many people, fear. But you are not evil. You also hold hope, and you hold promise. You represent a new day, a day that has potential to be better than the one before it. 

I look forward to meeting you.



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