Dear Katrina Olympic Closing Ceremonies experience

Dear Katrina,

What are the closing ceremonies like for the Olympic athlete?

One of my favorite memories of the Olympic Games are celebrating the participation of all of us athletes in the Olympic Games. This is the one event in the world that really captures the ideals of life, community, and excellence. We get to imagine and again dream about how we want to live our own lives, and how we can realize what is humanly possible for us all.

As my family watched the Closing Ceremonies together last night, my heart burst open in love, spirit, and…tears. Yes, I still am so moved by the energy of what needs to take place to actually have the Olympic Games, for all of the volunteers and organizing committees, corporations, and countries who come together to actually make this event possible. Let’s also not forget the athletes who first had a big dream, and a vision, who then trained, committed, stayed focused, and allowed their dream to become reality so that they could partake in these games…allowing people around the world to be reminded to fully live their own lives.

Additionally, to be able to see many entertainers share their gifts with the world via the Closing Ceremonies while feeling the union of energy amongst the audience, performers, athletes, everyone in the stadium, and people all around the world witnessing and feeling the euphoria of coming together….this is a gift that we all get to enjoy.

For another take:

Here is an excerpt from my book, Be Your Best Without the Stress:

“At the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games, we dressed in our USA uniforms and ran out onto the field, full of energy as we celebrated the final stage, the closing of our Olympic Games. A bunch of us lay on the ground and created the five Olympic rings, which represent the five continents of athletes who participate in this global athletic event. The rings on the Olympic flag are interlinked, just as the Games bring all people together as one. The five colors represent at least one color in every country’s flag.

All countries come together in peace, allowing the athletes to strive for their own personal best as they compete against the top athletes from other countries around the world. This is the magical symbolism of what our world is supposed to be—all people respected and allowed to dream and pursue what they love while finding ultimate happiness and inner peace through their shared and individual experiences. No matter what our skin color, sex, or country of origin, the Olympics celebrate the opportunity for each person to reach their full potential. For me, this defined the meaning of the Olympics.”

May we all take the Olympic spirit into our daily lives, so that we all may feel fulfilled, and positively impact the lives of others around us.

Fully live TODAY and ALWAYS 🙂


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