(Fixed) Day 5 Finals Recap Presented by Engine

by Garrett McCaffrey 28

June 29th, 2012 News

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please fix!

really want to see piersol!

Women’s 100 free. It’s more promising than on the women’s side but open your eyes. I think there will not be miracles. Again and it’s almost every time since 2000 most of the best american swimmers in this race are not pure specialists. They are backstrokers (Missy Franklin, Natalie Coughlin), one swims longer races (Allison Schmitt), one is breaststroker (Jessica Hardy), one swims butterfly (Dana Vollmer). They swim this race more for bonus and to make the relay. They are tired for most of them after many races so the times are disappointing. It’s the opposite of the Netherlands. They have 4 sprinters who train for that all year. That’s why they will destroy the olympic final in the relay.… Read more »

Bobo Gigi, Not that I disagree with you.

But the women 4×100 free is on the first day.

Yes I know the relay is on the first day. Except Dana Vollmer who will have the 100 fly in the same evening others will not be tired if that’s what you have understood but I didn’t talk about that. I talked just on the overall level of sprint on the women’s side in these trials and why the american relay hasn’t won since 2000 and why an american sprinter hasn’t won since 1996 if I remember. But I could write the same thing about the men on individual. Except a big surprise there will not be one american on the podium in the 100 free on the men’s side and on the women’s side. If I try to be… Read more »

Men’s 200 breast. Who is Scott Weltz? His last 50 were impressive. Very disappointed about Eric Shanteau. But open your eyes, american swimmers will not win medals in this race. And I’m not sure the 2 who will go to London will swim faster and even as fast in one month. I think they were at their top to qualify. How many times have we seen american swimmers who have swum much slower at the olympic games because they hadn’t the same energy one month later anymore? They can perhaps swim a final.

Weltz has been around on the national scene for a little while, and he has fantastic coaches. Maybe one of the most under-appreciated college coaches in the history of the sport in Pete Motekaitis.

Count it right here, you’re going to eat your words. Just like I said he’d make it in the 200.

I didn’t know him like I think most of swimming fans in the world. And it’s good to see new swimmers at the best level. His finish was incredible. And I don’t want to eat my words like you have said so nicely. Is he able to repeat the same thing and perhaps better in one month? That was my only question. I think he was fully tapered for these trials. And don’t forget he will probably have to swim around 2.10 to qualify on semi-finals, 2.09 to qualify on final and then 2.08 to win a medal. It will not be the same road. But perhaps he’s just a big talent who hasn’t finished to surprise us.


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