Daiya Seto Sets New Asian Record in 200 Butterfly


Daiya Seto has certainly made his mark on day 1 of the FINA Champions Swim Series in Beijing, China, setting a new Asian Record in the 200m Butterfly. Also on the schedule for him today was the 200 IM where he delivered another stellar swim.

The 200m Butterfly was first up for Seto where he swam a 1:52.53 to break the old record of 1:52.97 that was set in 2008 by Takeshi Matsuda. The time also ranks Seto as the 3rd-fastest performer in the history of the event.

Seto set an early lead, touching over 2 seconds ahead of his competition at the 100 metre mark (53.36). His previous best time was 1:53.86 which he clocked at the World Aquatics Championships in Gwangju, South Korea last July. This time won him a silver medal behind 19-year-old Kristof Milak who smashed Michael Phelp’s World Record in a time of 1:50.73.

Comparative Splits:

Takeshi Matsuda Daiya Seto
Old Record New Record
50m 25.58 24.72
100m 28.83 (54.41) 28.64 (53.36)
150m 29.17 (1:23.58) 28.98 (1:22.34)
200m 29.39 (1:52.97) 30.19 (1:52.53)

All-Time Top 5 Performers, Men’s 200 Fly:

  1. Kristof Milak, Hungary, 1:50.73 – 2019
  2. Michael Phelps, USA, 1:51.51 – 2009
  3. Daiya Seto, Japan, 1:52.53 – 2020
  4. Laszlo Cseh, Hungary, 1:52.70 – 2008
  5. Chad le Clos, South Africa, 1:52.96 – 2012

Just under an hour after setting this new mark, Seto delivered another remarkable swim in the 200 IM, posting a time of 1:55.55. He took 0.6 off his previous best time of 1:56.14 which he again set in Gwangju last year.

Seto is now tied as the 7th-best performer in the 200 IM. Kosuke Hagino’s 1:55.07 from 2016 is the Asian and Japanese Records, while Ryan Lochte’s 2011 time of 1:54.00 is the World Record.

Seto has had a fantastic start to this Olympic season, setting a new SCM World Record in the 400IM at the ISL Final in Las Vegas not even a month ago. His stand-out swims from today’s competition place him in a great position not only for tomorrow, but for the rest of the season as well.

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3 years ago

Super Impressive , rested or not !!! We just saw in the video in Japanese how Hakamura is training too …..those guys are pushing their trainings .

Lane 8
3 years ago

Milak is getting scared

3 years ago

The “time off” seems to have served him well. I hope he doesn’t burn out before Tokyo 2020, ’cause if he keeps this up he is going to put on a show worth watching.

Reply to  NoFlyKick
3 years ago

I think it’s more likely we will see some incredible swims in Tokyo. He’ll be representing his country in front of a home crowd, big hopes and a very hard worker. This is all part of the plan. 1:52 in Jan though? Ridiculous

Reply to  Orion
3 years ago

Most Japanese must be excited to train even better this year ….so its gonna be A Great show

Bobo Gigi
3 years ago

If he can keep that shape this summer he’s on pace to easily win both IM events and take the silver in the 200 fly.

Reply to  Bobo Gigi
3 years ago

I think he should skip the 200 fly and go for the wr is the 200 and 400IM.

3 years ago

Pretty impressive. Now though he has to stand the test of time and maintain his form until July.

Reply to  Jeff
3 years ago

he has got that too me thinks …..he is with Irie the most consistent Japanese swimmer for years now

3 years ago

All this just one month after setting that WR in the SCM 400 IM? He had to have rested for both meets. How much did he train in between? What sort of yardage does he do?

Reply to  HonestObserver
3 years ago

USRPT, max 2.5k a day.

Reply to  Togger
3 years ago

Um, we need evidence.

3 years ago

Hey guys, in an article like this, could you put the time he swam in the first paragraph? I had no idea what his time was until I read to the bottom of the article.

The unoriginal Tim
3 years ago

1.52 Fly and 1.55 IM less than an hour apart? That is phenomenal.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  The unoriginal Tim
3 years ago

Looks like he’s going to do some special times at the Olympics.

Reply to  The unoriginal Tim
3 years ago


Reply to  The unoriginal Tim
3 years ago

a la Lochte back in 2011( 200 free , 200 IM , 200 Back for Lochte )