Cornell’s Jack Brenneman Shares Tips For Recovery During Training Trip

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January 01st, 2018 College, Training Trip Videos, Video

It that time of the year again, winter training trip season, where teams travel to warmer locations to enjoy the sun and put in some quality training time to boot. Cornell’s Slater Goodman sat down with the team’s captain Jack Brenneman to discuss how to recover from the intense practices of the winter training trip.

Brenneman mentioned some of the ways that he used his downtime to prepare for the next grueling practice – eat and relax.

You’ll be starving following an intense practice so refueling your body immediately can help you recover on a more physical level more quickly. He also mentioned to just relax. Yes, you are in a location where you can go to the beach and hang out in the sun, but that can drain your body come the next practice. Just lounging every now and again can help your body and mind recover more steadily.

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