Come play everyone’s new favorite recap challenge, WAMBAM SWIMSWAM!

Are you tired of hearing the same post session recaps and predictions, where the speaker goes on and on and on… and on! Well swimmers and swammers fear not, for we have a solution. Now YOU get to share your recaps and predictions, so come race the clock on

Here’s the main set. We will be asking 3x 2 questions (6 total) to the general public ON CAMERA in various locations throughout the week. Your goal is to answer them as fast as you can (and obviously break THE WORLD RECORD). Here’s the breakdown:

• Swim of the night and why
• Swimmer of the night and why
• Surprise of the night and why

• Prediction for swim of the night tomorrow and why
• Prediction for swimmer of the night tomorrow and why
• Prediction for surprise of the night tomorrow and why

You will be on camera, on the clock! As our own Garrett McCaffery will have his stopwatch on hand and running as soon as your start your first answer. Now there are some general guidelines:
• If your total time is over 2:00, you’re out!
• If your “whys” lack substance (ie they were awesome, I like them), you’re out!
• If you skip a question or a why, or repeat one of your answers, you’re out!

Now with that being said, we have prizes! If you correctly and concisely answer all 6 questions:
• In under 1:30, you win a Swimswam sticker!
• In under 1:00, you win a Swimswam Olympic Preview Magazine!
• And if you end up with the World Record at the end of the meet, you win a YEARS SUBSCRIPTION TO SWIMSWAM MAGAZINE!

So what’s not to love? It’s a competition with prizes, catered to swimming fans like you! We will be posting where we will shoot throughout the week on facebook, as well as just picking random contestants as we see them! So come on down and be the next world record breaker!

We will be playing every night after finals, so head over to our facebook page HERE after you finish watching coverage and see what people are saying about your favorite olympians… and how fast they can do it!


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4 years ago

Where is Tiffany’s tee shirt?

4 years ago

U are all looking great guys . Thanks for the awesome coverage

Attila the Hunt
4 years ago

Braden looks very young. Is he allowed to drink?

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