College Swimming Preview: 10/3/16-10/9/16

Alesha Breckon
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October 04th, 2016 News

College swimming is kicking into high gear this week with meets across the country. In addition to some of the final alumni and intrasquad meets, this weekend also features relay meets. There will also been several dual meets and invitationals.


Below is a list of the D1 meets that Swim Swam will be covering this weekend. If we missed any meets, please let us know in the comments and we’ll get it added*:

Meet Date Men Women
San Diego State vs. Pepperdine 10/6 x
IUPUI vs. Indianapolis 10/6 x x
Penn State vs. Towson 10/6 x x
West Virginia State Games 10/7-10/8 x x
Florida Gulf Coast Invit 10/7-10/8 x x
War Eagle Invitational 10/7-10/9 x x
Colgate Fall Classic 10/7-10/8 x x
Intermountain Shootout 10/7-10/8 x x
Michigan vs. Louisville 10/7-10/8 x x
Tennessee vs. UNC Wilminton 10/7-10/8 x x
Fresno State Invitational 10/7-10/8 x
Bulldog Invitational 10/7-10/8 x
Colorado Mesa Invitational 10/7-10/8 x x
South Dakota State Intrasquad 10/7 x x
South Dakota vs. Minnesota State 10/7 x
Arizona State Intrasquad 10/7 x x
North Dakota vs. St. Cloud State 10/7 x x
Illinois Intrasquad 10/7 x
Dennis Stark Relays 10/7 x
Western Illinois Intrasquad/Alumni 10/7 x x
Georgia Tech vs. Harvard 10/7 x x
UNC vs. Georgia 10/7 x x
Show-Me Showdown 10/7 x
Iowa State vs. Nebraska 10/8 x
FAU vs. North Florida vs. Gardner-Webb 10/8 x x
Georgetown vs. William and Mary vs. Johns Hopkins 10/8 x x
University of Hawai’i at Mānoa Vs. Northern Arizona University 10/8 x
University of Hawai’i at Mānoa Vs. University of Arizona 10/8 x
Houston Pentathlon 10/8 x
Auburn vs. Wisconsin 10/8 x x
LSU vs. Loyola 10/8 x x
Missouri State Shootout 10/8 x
Denver Relays 10/8 x
Akron Alumni 10/8 x
Ohio Intrasquad 10/8 x
Miami (Ohio) vs. Wright State 10/8 x x
Iowa Intrasquad 10/8 x x
Minnesota vs. Florida State vs. Duke 10/8 x x
Ball State Intrasquad 10/8 x
Notre Dame vs. Indiana State 10/8 x
Notre Dame vs. Oakland 10/8 x
Pitt vs. Boston College vs. Georgia Tech 10/8 x x
Yale Intrasquad 10/8 x
Denver Alumni Meet 10/8 x x
Boston College vs. Bryant 10/9 x x

*please note that not all Universities have posted their 2016-2017 schedules. We will be updating our coverage schedule as programs make them available.

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6 years ago

Loyola Maryland vs. Anerican october 8th

Reply to  Guy
6 years ago

Show me showdown is both men and women

Jackie Keck
6 years ago

Missouri State University Invitational-Womans

6 years ago

October 8th

6 years ago

Mcihigan vs. Louisville is on there twice

DC Swimmer
6 years ago

Georgetown vs. William and Mary vs. Johns Hopkins, 10/8, Men’s and Women’s

Matt Holland
6 years ago

October 8th
•University of Hawai’i at Mānoa (women) Vs. Northern Arizona University
•University of Hawai’i at Mānoa (men) Vs. University of Arizona

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