Cody Miller & IU Pros Were Training In Evansville Prior To Olympic Delay

In his most recent YouTube vlog posted on Wednesday, two-time Olympic medalist Cody Miller revealed to his fans that he and a small group of Indiana pros had been training in Evansville prior to the postponement of the Olympics on Tuesday.

At the beginning of the video, Miller shows himself outside of Evansville’s Lloyd Pool as he finds out about the Games being moved back. He describes how over the past two weeks, since the COVID-19 pandemic prevented college swimmers from training at all (he usually trains with the Indiana Hoosiers), he had been alternating staying one night at home in Bloomington and the next in Evansville, making the two-hour drive once per day. This allowed him to be in the water every day.

“I feel weird, I feel very, very weird,” he said upon hearing the Olympic news. “I think this kind of makes it official that it’s definitely being postponed, and that’s definitely the right thing to do. The motivation to go to the pool now has just evaporated.

“I really didn’t want to push this off another year. The mental aspect, the toll that it takes. The structuring your life around everything, all of that.”

Evansville is the hometown of fellow IU pro Lilly King, who had been joining Miller at the practices. Annie Lazor, Bailey Andison and Laura Morley were the other three athletes he mentioned that were coming to practice that day. Hoosier head coach Ray Looze was also present at the workout, which they still ended up completing.

The vlog then shifts to Miller the day prior, before the Olympics were deferred, where he outlines three key reasons why they should be postponed: health and safety, an uneven playing field, and clean sport.

Miller, who won Olympic gold in the men’s 400 medley relay at the 2016 Games in Rio and added an individual bronze in the 100 breaststroke, says that he’s been in contact with pool companies and plans on getting one installed in his backyard so he can continue to swim during the pandemic.


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Someone’s gotta tell Cody to stop vlogging. Not even a hater just can’t deal with all the cringe.


Let the man vlog. If you think its cringe, then just don’t watch them.


I hope he sees this bro


If it makes you uncomfortable, then don’t watch.


I mean, you gotta stay relevant somehow.


i actually don’t think they’re that cringey. he seems confident and that helps…some things he says are so weird, but it’s funny cause he just goes along with it. it would be cringey if it was someone more socially awkward doing it


No one is forcing you to watch

The Fish

Hopefully not Lloyd Pool!


Hadn’t really thought about how the pandemic would hamper drug testing, especially this close to the Games.


I never did either until I saw his VLog


Imagine China and their government given free for all on doping and also being able to not allow doping control to enter the country or certain areas. I suspect some world breaking 400 IMs once again.

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