The SwimNerd Summer Bundle Is Back

The Swimnerd Summer Bundle is back and better than ever!

Right now you can get a Swimnerd Pace Clock + Tripod Stand + Carrying Case + Rechargeable Battery for just $699 while supplies lasts. PLUS FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE USA!

Don’t need all those accessories? Clocks by themselves are $100 off!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

This is the BEST pace clock we have ever had….We have had our 2 SwimNerd pace clocks for over 6 months and they have worked perfectly, indoors and out, in the rain and in the bright sun. Over the years our team has had Colorado and IST pace clocks that cost well over $1,000 each and did not stand up to the daily abuse that the SwimNerd pace clocks have. Finally a QUALITY pace clock for a REASONABLE price that will do what it says it will do. Thanks SwimNerd for providing the swimming community something we have needed for a long time. Keep up the great work!

5 month review
I purchased the pace clock and battery 5 months ago for Ironman training. Clock works as advertised. The app integrates with the clock flawlessly. Programming sets with the app allows me to concentrate on each interval without having to do any math while hypoxic. My swim workouts actually feel easier due to the precision pacing and programmability this clock allows.

I dropped the battery twice on concrete accidentally but it still works without issue. The numbers are extremely visible compared to the electronic clock that my pool has on deck but is about 1/3 the weight. Battery life is as advertised. Do not hesitate to purchase.

Best Clock!
I’ve seen a lot of clocks in my days, and the Swimnerd Digital Pace Clock stands above them all. The simplicity of running the clock from my phone is tremendous. The thin design of the clock makes it very easy to transport and/or mount. Waterproof, battery or connected power, Bluetooth connectivity, the ability to write complete practices in the app and then just let it run… I can’t imagine what else could go into this clock.

A great product combined with an enthusiastic and creative team at Swimnerds makes for a winning combination. I’m a big fan!

Get the Swimnerd Summer Bundle here

Download the Swimnerd Android mobile app here

Download the Swimnerd Apple mobile app here

Swim product news is courtesy of SwimNerd, a SwimSwam partner. 

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7 months ago

Thanks for the BioOx ad. Very effective journalism. People are dying!

IU Swammer
Reply to  Towelie
7 months ago

You’re on a site dedicated to a leisure activity while people are dying!?!

Reply to  Towelie
7 months ago

You’re correct. This isn’t journalism. It’s an advertisement. It’s labeled as an advertisement in several places above. It seems as though your comment is trying to “expose” something, but I’m not really sure what. Also, this is an ad for SwimNerd pace clocks, not BioOX.