Coach’s Log: Utah Sprint Workout

*Video produced by SwimSwam contributor Coleman Hodges*
Finally, some sprint work to add to the Coach’s Log! Utah Head Coach Joe Dykstra and the Ute’s sprint coach Jonas Persson take us through a morning sprint set in Salt Lake City.
The set includes some dryland aspects and the coaches discuss their beliefs about the transfer of strength from land to the water. They talk about how this set is one of two power sets that the Ute sprinters do during the week and how each set addresses different kinds of power. Here’s what the set looks like:
Tuesday AM – Long power
400 swim choice
4×100 kick on 1:45 (25 ez, 25 build, 25 ez, 25 strong) 
8×25 perfect swimming! on :30 stroke/free
20 SA or 10 DA cord swims (blk or red)
10 ea. pull and throws w/ partner
5 ea. on back flutter SA or 10 DA med ball throws…explosive
3 bucket swims @90,95,100% on 2:00…count strokes and add up with time
3×25 dec from fast cruise to min-max on 40s
25 dive fast
100 AR
*swim all rounds or go swim/fins/f+p
8×25 double arm back/technique swim
100-200 cruise ez

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6 years ago

One of the most interesting workouts/interviews yet on swimswam. I am very interested to see what comes out of Utah over the next few years,

6 years ago

Looks like the training mix uses a combination of methods from Touretski and Rushall. I wonder if these coaches, not just Utah, are concerned leaking out their methods. Stanford did a similar thing a couple weeks ago. So did Marsh.

It’s kind of like Baylor football giving out some of their offensive playbook to Sports Illustrated, which they did. Teams are going figure out how to stop it and/or use it.

Reply to  PAC12BACKER
6 years ago

As a coach, I find the difference between good and unsuccessful coaches is not always what sets they do, but how they adjust those sets to their athletes. Being able to see how your kids are responding to what you give them, and alter it from there is the difference between OK and great.

Being on deck, recognizing needs and knowing what to say and presenting what you want so that your athletes respond is something you can’t teach. We need to share with each other because getting people better is what it’s all about!

6 years ago

Just out of curiosity, Pac12Backer, what part of this looks like Rushall. Reading most of his stuff, he doesn’t promote any of this.

As for leaking methods, I always like to reference Urbanacek. He’ll give you entire seasons if you ask, but he’ll always tell you that you’ll never run it like him. And if you do run it better then him, hats off to you.

Not sure why people are so afraid to share ideas. Coaches still have to implement them effectively, communication and planning. Athletes still have to understand them, comprehension. And then they need to perform them, execution.

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