Coach’s Intel: MSU Shares Two Backstroke Sets Used for NCAA Champs

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Both of these swimming workouts were used for the preparation of Paul Le — NCAA Division 1 All-American — during the months leading up to the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Swimming and Diving Championships.



3 x 100 Stroke @ 1:30 Descend 1-3

4 x 75 Kick @ 1:30 Descend 1-4 (build underwater kick by 25s)

3 x 50 Stroke 200 Pace @ 1:00

4 x 75 Moderate Free @ 1:15



1 x 100 @ 1:30 Stroke Strong Build (working good turns & breakouts)

2 x 50     @ :50 200 Pace (range: 200 Pace +1, 200 Pace, 200 Pace -1)

1 x 100 @ 2:00 EZ

From Head Coach Dave Collins:

With our stroke group at Missouri State, we use the term “easy speed” quite frequently; especially in the months leading up to the Conference and National Championship meets.  We define “easy speed” as the ability to swim at a range of 200 Pace + 1 to -1 while maintaining a level of comfort and good technique. Ultimately the goal is to know that you have the ability to pick up the stroke rate as you move through the race.

From Assistant Coach Chelsea Dirks-Ham:

One of Paul’s biggest challenges has been to stay at pace and duplicate the feeling of easy speed. It has been important for him to not only find what the correct pace feels like, but to have the ability to duplicate this feeling, and therefore hit goal pace, multiple times during a workout.

Below you can see Paul’s 3 year progression from High school through his sophomore year. I have also included his splits from the NCAA Division 1 Championships.

2013 NCAA Prelims – 200 Backstroke

23.99/25.53/26.02/26.16 1:41.69


100 Back

200 Back

200 IM









HS Senior




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Any idea of what he holds for each part of the set? Really a fan of teams like MSU, EMU, and others that get guys to the big dance and dook it out with the boys from more prominent teams.

Joel Lin

Jarring improvements in each of the trailing two years!

Matty T.

Dave’s the man and has an eye for talented athletes. He has been the man behind the curtain since he stepped foot on that campus. He has an eye for talent and is a great developer. I am sure he will keep the train rolling with brining guys to the show!

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