Coach Sergio Lopez Reflects on Joseph Schooling’s 2016 Homecoming Parade

Three-time Olympic coach Sergio Lopez reflected on the impact of Joseph Schooling‘s 100 fly win at the 2016 Olympics with multiple pictures commemorating Schooling’s welcoming parade in Singapore. For those who can’t quite grasp the level of Schooling’s impact on Singapore culture, where he received a million dollars for winning a single Olympic gold medal, in addition to millions more in endorsements, the video gives some insight into the fervor.

Huge crowds gathered at the Singapore airport and around the city to welcome Schooling back. There was even a parade of sorts where he waved to fans lining the streets from the top of a double-decker bus – an honor in American reserved for winners of events like the NFL’s Super Bowl

At the 2016 Games, Schooling made history when he won his home nation’s first Olympic gold medal. Schooling won the final in an Olympic record of 50.39, beating out a three-way tie for second place (51.14). The first picture that Lopez shared was of Schooling holding his gold medal next to the three silver medalists in the 100 fly Olympic final: Michael Phelps, Chad le Clos, and Laszlo Cseh.

As Lopez broke down, next to the young Schooling was Phelps, the greatest Olympic swimmer of all time, followed by le Clos, the one who has beaten Phelps before, and Cseh, who is almost always next to Phelps on the podium. What made this photo stand out to Lopez was how the young athlete won the Olympic title and three of the best swimmers in history tie for second place.

In the video, Lopez credited Texas men’s head coach Eddie Reese for Schooling’s 2016 success, who was Schooling’s primary coach at the time. However, Lopez coached Schooling at the Bolles School in Florida during his teen years. Lopez was named Singapore’s head Olympic coach in 2016, therefore overseeing Schooling’s schedule at the Games.


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Justin Thompson
8 months ago

The long gone glory days.

8 months ago

I think that this is why he slumped after 2016. Singapore made him feel like he had nothing more to accomplish.

Reply to  Hal
8 months ago

You beat Michael Phelps at the Olympics, what else is there?

Old Man Chalmers
Reply to  Xman
8 months ago

breaking a world record? defending your title? or at least have a career anything close to that of chad le clos, who won 4 wc golds after beating phelps and was consistently on butterfly podiums for most of the decade

Last edited 8 months ago by Old Man Chalmers
Reply to  Old Man Chalmers
8 months ago

You’re right, but maybe it was all too much for Schooling. In 50.39 seconds he broke a decade-old textile WR, won Olympic gold, and defeated his idol (the GOAT). Maybe that was everything he’d ever dreamed and there was nothing left after that.

Old Man Chalmers
8 months ago

the 4 year long victory parade

Reply to  Old Man Chalmers
8 months ago

And counting

Irish Ringer
Reply to  Old Man Chalmers
8 months ago

Phelps wasn’t the only one who retired after Rio.

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