Chinese Media: Tester In Sun Yang Case Was Untrained Classmate of Main Officer

Chinese media are reporting that the doping control chaperone involved in the disputed test of Sun Yang last fall was an untrained, unauthorized high school classmate of the main doping control officer. The report quotes – anonymously – the chaperone himself, who says he was called to help on the night of the test.

China’s XinhuaNet, the official state-run news outlet of the Chinese government, published the story, quoting both Sun’s lawyer Zhang Qihuai and the doping control chaperone, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Zhang says that of the three-person testing team who arrived to perform an out-of-competition anti-doping test on Sun on September 3, 2018, only one was trained to perform the tests. Zhang says that the other two were “temporarily found and not trained,” in a rough translation of the Chinese.

Zhang goes on to say that the ‘blood test officer’ was a friend of the Doping Control Officer and had no professional nurse’s practice certificate. The ‘urine test officer’ was a high school classmate of the Doping Control Officer, according to Zhang. As DCO’s at the testing agency in question (IDTM) are required to be 21 or older, it appears the two were former, not current, high school classmates, though the translation isn’t entirely clear.

Those titles are a little different, but roughly correspond to the three people noted as present in the anti-doping panel’s investigation and decision to clear Sun of wrongdoing. That panel listed a DCO (an unnamed woman, the main testing officer), a DCA (‘doping control assistant’ or ‘chaperone’, noted in the XinhuaNet account as the ‘urine test officer’ and still anonymous) and a BCA (‘blood collection assistant’ or ‘blood test officer’ in the XinhuaNet story, named in the anti-doping panel document).

Urine Test Officer: ‘I was temporarily called to help, and somehow involved in this matter’

XinhuaNet quotes that ‘urine test officer’ anonymously later in the story, essentially confirming Zhang’s allegations.

“My high school classmate temporarily called me to help, because I am a man,” the urine test officer explained. “When taking a male urine sample, it is more convenient for a man to be present. My classmate told me that this matter should be kept confidential.”

The urine test officer said he did not know what to do in his role, and wasn’t clear on the importance of the test. As the test was in summer, he wore shorts and sandals, and wonders aloud in the story if that was part of why Sun challenged his authorization. The urine test officer admits to being excited to see Sun and taking out his phone to take a video of Sun.

The officer did say sun was “warm and polite” to him, and reiterated that he didn’t know what was required of him in the ‘urine test officer’ role, nor what qualifications or documents he needed.

Blood Test Officer credentials also questioned

XinhuaNet also reports that the blood test officer did not have all the required credentials. Per XinhuaNet, the blood test officer provided a “professional technical title certificate” (again, a rough translation of the original Chinese), but did not have a “nurse license.” Regulations on nursing practice say that those with the certificate but not the proper license should not “engage in… nursing activities”, according to XinhuaNet.

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But, but.. this doesn’t fit our narrative.


On one hand, holy buckets does this change the perspective. I’m feeling a lot more sympathy to Sun’s side of this right now…

But on the other hand, would it be beyond belief for Sun/govt to come up with a couple nobodies to claim to be the people involved and have stories matching his? Cover up what really happened and get him through the CAS appeal? I have a hard time trusting all the players here.


I love your theory of conspiracy, but I feel like this is ockham’s razor situation. As fun as a massive conspiracy is its probably more simple like what this news article suggests

Urine Test Officer

I think it’s pretty important to note that Xinhua is the official state-run press of the PRC. It would not be at all out of the question for the Chinese government to push false stories and propaganda in defense of one of their star athletes.

If we’re applying Occam’s Razor, which is truly less out-there? The Chinese government is publishing well-vetted and factual information that just happens to make Sun Yang look a little less guilty? Or a government known for manipulating public opinion through state media is doing just that?

Michael Schwartz

Sounds like Fake News and Trade Tariff talks to me…

13 % Chinese person

It’s the situation as I read from the very first British media leak . It was confirmed by the no show at the FINA hearing .& by the full leak .

The Australian ABC published an op-ed outlining why ppl who had decided to find Sun guilty could be disappointed . As they are a govt run outfit too , you could say it was to warn Australians. Otoh it was just a reasoned fair assessment of the situation .




This article was written in January this year, not a new article. As a Chinese, I won’t say I trust Chinese media at all, but I do trust Sun Yang and the FINA report which was leaked had the full story of what happened. Sun Yang also stated in his Weibo that he had the CCTV recording what happened but he was not allowed to say anything at this moment which made him very frustrated.


Couldn’t they just test him again a day later with actually trained people? Why is this so hard?

Torrey Hart

The blood was taken before Sun realized the blood collection assistant had improper credentials, according to the Fina Doping Panel report. The issue was then what they should do with the samples already taken.


So get someone with proper credentials to get another sample!!!! Is this hard to do in China??


According to the FINA report, SUN claimed that he would wait for as long as he could, for someone with proper credentials to come but his request was not fulfilled.


I’m not quite sure why it matters that the person who drew his blood was not “credentialed”? There was a Anti Doping Officer present. Drawing a tube of blood is a pretty basic procedure and I’m not quite sure how that could mess up a doping result?? If they were drawing a blood chemistry and the sample was hemolyzed then I could maybe understand Sun’s position but it’s still a stretch.


Sun Yang had complained the main doping control officer before and had a bad history with her, that may be the reason why he was concerned. Note that he could be banned for life for any positive result (second time) so he was being cautious.

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