Cesar Cielo goes in depth on Brazilian relay culture, expectations for Rio (Video Interview)

Olympic gold medalist Cesar Cielo gave insight into what he hopes to accomplish as a squad with the rest of the Brazilian national team in the coming months. We reported earlier this week that Brazil had a strong showing at the Charlotte Pro Swim Series in part to test out and ready the relays that they plan to take to Worlds this summer and the Olympics, in their home country, next summer.

Cielo goes speaks to the weak relay culture in Brazil, and how if they want to change in time to hope to medal in Rio, the change has to start now. Coming from a rich relay tradition at Auburn, Cielo knows the ins and outs of relay swimming and stepping up when the time comes, and hopes to pass that knowledge onto his national teammates.

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I think a 3:10 is doable BUT, how many of them will hold the taper well from PanAms to Worlds?


I think they wont taper for pan am just rest

It will depend of each swimmer.Because of his schedule, Pereira will do a full taper for PanAms.I suspect some swimmers(besides Cielo,Fratus and Pereira) weren’t even 100% at Maria Lenk.How DeLucca made 49.15 at ML and now 49.21 without rest? Same with Chieriguini doing 49.38.


Pereira can probably win at Pan Am rested (4:11 and 1:57 IM) 2:11 Breast, easy game for him..

Can´t see why the people who can medal would taper for Pan Am, that counting Etiene, de Deus also..

I am also skeptical about ML, it seems the coaches put them on training to prepare something good for Kazan..


I hope he doesnt taper or rest. He can win without it. Has he ever done 1:55 in textile? I think he can do it this year if he doesnt double taper

There is a medal, and there is THE MEDAL(GOLD). Pereira will swim 8 events(with relays), he will need a very good rest to be reliable the full meeting. The US team is probably the strongest ever, and there is no way all girls will not be on full taper for Pan Ams or they will be chasing bronze in all events after USA and Canada.We need a dose of reality here:We are talking names like Coughlin and Schmidt here, two beasts and multiple medals in Worlds and Olympics. Etiene can’t swim around 1:00 without taper, the relay needs that.


Cesar Cielo is selling the idea that team BRA has a real chance of being top-3 in Rio, and that is good for swimming in general, bringing more kids to the sport, more fans, more space in the media and more sponsors. The whole scenario changes when you have Olympics at home and I think that’s what Cesar is trying to say, he does not only swims, he is also taking a huge role in being an ambassador for the sport in Brazil, “sacrificing” his individual races for this relay idea. I mean an Olympic medal is an Olympic medal regardless of the event. Why is Cesar the only swimmer actually saying his real individual and his real federation goals… Read more »

after his knee surgery, Cesar was very sceptical about his dash performance.He won(2013), but his start is well behind than his 2010-2011.He knows he is not gonna be winning the top spot for many years to go, and now his focus will be towards relays.Even after surgery, his relay start wasn’t affected by his knees(the position is more relaxed than individual race).

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