CAS Sets Sun Yang Retrial Over Doping Incident for Next Week

by Spencer Penland 20

May 19th, 2021 Asia, News

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has announced that a retrial for controversial Chinese swim star Sun Yang is set for next week. The retrial is in regards to an incident with a doping collection agent in September of 2018. Sun Yang was originally found guilty by CAS, and handed an 8-year ban, which Yang appealed to the Swiss Tribunal. The Swiss Tribunal then overturned the CAS ruling on the basis of racist tweets that were sent by the president of the CAS panel.

The retrial has been set for May 25-27, and will be a private hearing, conducted through video, rather than in-person. This differs substantially from the original trial, which was held on one day, and was open to the public.

Most recently, Sun Yang did not compete at the Chinese National Championships at the beginning of the month. Despite missing the Olympic qualifying meet, he could still be added to the Chinese Olympic roster at a later date, and whether or not that occurs is likely dependent on the outcome of the retrial. Sun Yang is the World Record holder in the men’s LCM 1500 free, and has won 3 Olympic Gold medals for China over his career.

Here’s a summarized timeline of events surrounding the case:

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Mr Piano
3 months ago

It’s sad to think that for all those amazing swims we saw him do over the years, he was doped up.

Reply to  Mr Piano
3 months ago

“all those amazing swims” “he was doped up”
Dude what? He passed every championship meets’ dope test except once in 2014, and then presumably once in 2018. You shouldn’t take away ALL his performances, especially his swims before 2014.

Reply to  PenguinMan
3 months ago

In 2016 olympics he swam slow in the 1500 heats and missed the final because it was announced that the athletes in the final would be drug tested

Reply to  maybe?
3 months ago

Your comment is unreasonable ,because he got gold medle in 200 free in 2016 olympics and he passed the drug tested for that event . Thus, there are no reasons to give up 1500 heats for avoding the drug tested

Coach Rob
3 months ago

Keep him banned. No room in this league for cheating.

Reply to  Coach Rob
3 months ago

I agree but how damn hard is it to boot him out already.

Coach Ray Looze
Reply to  Coach Rob
3 months ago

I agree! No dopers in the kids T-Ball league!

3 months ago

Sun Yang is so powerful that they had to resort to underhanded tricks to force his retirement, just so that his haters would have a chance at winning.

Reply to  Notaswimmer
3 months ago

Ooh does he have the Elder Wand?

Distance Per Stroke
3 months ago

Free Sun Yang🇨🇳

Reply to  Distance Per Stroke
3 months ago

As a Chinese American, and as much as I loved watching his 1500, I believe he’s guilty. The CCP is worse than the Russian Federation in terms of PEDs.

3 months ago

He’s like a cockroach… he’ll never go away. In 50 years, he’ll still be appealing his ban.

Corn Pop
Reply to  FST
3 months ago

The panel will not look like 2020- 21 version . It should have one black person , one Asian & someone Brown or the occasional mixed race lady. Or are we over Diversity already?

3 months ago
Reply to  Smith-King-Dahlia-Manuel
3 months ago

Horton is one of the few men who could beat Yang. And one of the few who took a stand against him.

Old Man Chalmers
Reply to  Smith-King-Dahlia-Manuel
3 months ago

horton beat sun at the olympics. your whole rhetoric is that australians can’t get it done when it counts, yet here we are. also kind of messed up that you would rather have a known cheater steal medals from other swimmers than have an australian (who has no dirt on his back) win

3 months ago

Been saying it for years… SUN WILL PREVAIL. 2021 Olympic Gold Medalist – 400 Free Champion

Curious swimmer
Reply to  Eisenheim
3 months ago

If this happens i do not think it will be a peaceful podium protest 😅

3 months ago

Yes, but when will the decsion be handed down? It took them months last time if I remember right.