Sun Yang Logs Two Appeals With Swiss Federal Tribunal

In February of this year, multi-Olympic gold medalist Sun Yang of China was handed an 8-year ban by the Court of Arbitration for Sport after which the controversial 28-year-old freestyle ace said he would ‘definitely be appealing.’

Sun’s window to file an appeal to a higher court had theoretically passed in April of this year; however, with the coronavirus pandemic the Swiss Federal Tribunal’s processes and protocols had been impacted.

Flash forward to today, July 27th and the South China Morning Post is reporting that Sun has indeed launched two appeals with the Swiss Federal Tribunal.

‘In an email shared on Chinese social media, they confirmed that no decision has been made on their cases, 4A_192/2020 and 4A_318/2020. The latter of those case files is an additional appeal made by Sun last month.’ (SCMP)

The swimmer’s Swiss law firm Bonnard Lawson confirmed the following:

“On 28 April 2020, Mr. Sun Yang filed an application with the Swiss Supreme Court to set aside the award rendered by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on 28 February 2020, by which the CAS Panel announced an eight-year ban against Mr. Sun Yang.

“On 15 June 2020, Mr. Sun Yang filed an application for revision of the same award in addition to the setting-aside application.”

The latter appeal speaks to the possibility of a reduced ban rather than a full-on dismissal. The Tribunal has said it will only rule in Sun’s favor if it finds procedural failings with the CAS trial, which took place last November.

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10 months ago

just give up already

Reply to  Gesundheit
10 months ago

The ban against Sun was completely valid, and was a long time coming. Hopefully we will start to see more heavy-handed rulings passed down, as that is the only way to ensure a clean sport.

That being said, this is still the guy’s livelihood, so it isn’t unreasonable for him to appeal the decision.

Reply to  Gesundheit
10 months ago

Sun should have hired the Manchester City lawyers.

10 months ago

Sun will prevail.

Reply to  Eisenheim
10 months ago

Sadly, you are correct.

Irish Ringer
Reply to  Eisenheim
10 months ago

I want to see him face Horton again to see what happens there.

Reply to  Eisenheim
10 months ago


10 months ago

Sun is a cheater, just like CCP, big cheats, small cheats, cheat together, anywhere, anytime!

Reply to  LeoB
5 months ago

The CCP is trying to take over world amateur sports and world politics. They can never be trusted.

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