Carson Foster Swims 1:54.68 200 Fly; Jake Foster Swims 2:09.38 200 Breast in Austin

2023 South Texas Open

  • June 9-12, 2023
  • LCM
  • Austin, Texas
  • Meet Mobile: “2023 ST TXLA Texas Open”

After competing a few weeks ago in Texas (Carson Foster) and California (Jake Foster), the Foster brothers are at it again posting the fastest times for Americans so far this season.

Carson Foster swam a 1:54.68 in the 200 butterfly. That makes him the top American this season by over a second as the previous fastest was a 1:55.70 from Trenton Julian. Carson Foster holds a best time of 1:53.67 in the event which he swam last July, notably a few weeks after winning silver in both the 200 and 400 IMs at 2022 Worlds.

Today’s swim was Carson Foster‘s second-fastest swim in the event ever. Notably, he swam a 1:56.04 in the event in April to finish second behind Leon Marchand at Pro Swim-Westmont.

Carson Foster did not compete in the event last year at 2022 World Trials but his time from today would have finished third. Although he would have technically missed the Worlds team in the event, Foster’s time would have been fourth in the final at Worlds, and faster than Americans Luca Urlando and Julian swam at the meet.

The 200 butterfly is on the first day of Trials in Indianapolis later this month. The only other events of the day are the 100 free and 1500 freestyle.

Carson Foster is also entered in the 200 IM, 200 free, 400 IM later in the meet.

Jake Foster also posted the top time by an American so far this season as he swam a 2:09.38 in the 200 breast. Jake Foster passes up Chase Kalisz for the top time so far as Kalisz swam a 2:10.10 at the US Open in December.

Jake Foster‘s best time in the event is a 2:09.00 which he swam to finish second in the event at 2022 Summer Nationals. He competed in the event at 2022 International Team Trials and swam a 2:09.73 to finish third, only 0.89 seconds off of making the Worlds team.

Like his brother, today’s swim for Jake Foster was his second fastest in the event ever. Just a few weeks ago, Jake Foster swam personal best times in both the 50 and 100 breast at Pro Swim- Mission Viejo.

The 200 breast is on the second day of competition in Indianapolis later this month.

Jake Foster is entered in the 100 breast and 200 IM later in the meet this weekend.

Both of the Foster brothers have made big announcements in the past few months. Carson Foster announced he would be turning pro at the beginning of May. Jake Foster announced that he would be deferring medical school to swim as a pro for the next year, after originally planning to retire.

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1 year ago

Such a wonderful result for both brothers ! Longhorn’s proud for all their right accomplishments.

1 year ago

Both Fosters looking very good. I’d love to see both of them headed to Worlds!

1 year ago

Not too surprised by Carson’s time but Jake getting within .5 of his best time is setting some alarm bells off for the 2 breast field keep an eye out for him because I think he might make the team this month.

1 year ago

does anyone know whether the 200 fly or 200 back is “supposed” to be faster or if they’re basically the same? like the way that in a 100 long course, butterfly is clearly faster than backstroke. The times were very similar from 2013 until 2019 (when Milak happened) but idk if it’s because the 200 fly was just abnormally slow then

Last edited 1 year ago by jeff
Reply to  jeff
1 year ago

I’d vote 200BK in this case the body just doesn’t hold up as well with fly.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jay
Reply to  jeff
1 year ago

Right now a good 2 fly time, even without Milak, is ≈2 seconds ahead of backstroke. A 1:54 is podium-contending in back and 1:52 seems to be the podium behind Milak.

Mr Piano
Reply to  Noah
1 year ago

1:53 will podium this year for fly.

Reply to  jeff
1 year ago

They are pretty comparable in long course for women when you take out the anomalies like the current 200 fly record (back WR was 2:04.0 for years, recently brought to 2:03, with the best textile times for fly of the past ten years also being in that 2:03-2:04 range). With men, butterfly seems to have a slight edge. Of course, accounting for the start I think backstoke ends up being faster.

Contrast this with SCY where the men’s and women’s 200 back records are significantly faster than the 200 fly (1.5-2 seconds). The reason for that difference could be an interesting discussion.

Reply to  sven
1 year ago

As far as SCY I think it’s a matter of underwaters being more impactful in SCY. And in Backstroke you get free access to air while fly gets limited access once up. So there is a bit more fuel in the tank for back.

Swim Alchemist
Reply to  sven
1 year ago

It’s because the turns in back (literal turns, flip turn vs open turn) are faster than in fly. A rough guess from the top of my head is that each turn is .5 faster for back (and free) than fly (and breast).

For the start, I think a block start is about .5 faster for fly/breast/free than the backstroke start.

1 year ago

Let’s go, Jake!! I want him to make this team so bad

Michael Andrew Wilson
1 year ago

Almost more impressed with Jake’s time than with Carson’s. That 200 breast field will be an interesting study in how guys respond to rest…Jake 2:09, Licon 2:11, Corbeau 2:14, Swanson 2:16. I guess Corbeau isn’t resting for US trials so he’s probably in a slightly different place.

Reply to  Michael Andrew Wilson
1 year ago

Just wondering if you remember the time Andrew
And Wilson swam next to each other and then both finished top 3. When they put names on the broadcast it said Andrew Wilson. I think it was an nbc broadcast of a is nationals, maybe?

Michael Andrew Wilson
Reply to  ZThomas
1 year ago

They were 1-2 at trials in 2021…a case of life imitating art. If by “art” one means my goofy choice of a pseudonym here.

Reply to  Michael Andrew Wilson
1 year ago

What about Fink? Not a 200LCM threat?

Michael Andrew Wilson
Reply to  Hank
1 year ago

Those 4 guys were all in the 200br field in this specific meet. All are accomplished but at different phases of their careers (and perhaps seasons, in the case of the Corbeau, who’s Dutch).

Corbeau with a better 100 (1:00) than 200 this weekend. Will Licon had a solid 200 IM (2:00).

Fink will be there for sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a few of the Texas guys challenge him.

Reply to  Swim Alchemist
1 year ago

Feel like they should give themselves a mulligan with how far out from the meet they are and redo predictions.

Reply to  oxyswim
1 year ago

I mean ye but like then they’d be releasing all the predictions one per day and they probably would want to space them out.

This Guy
1 year ago

Ok Carson, we see you! That’s a really impressive in season time!

Reply to  This Guy
1 year ago

It is not in season trials are only about 2 weeks away

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