Caeleb Dressel Swims 47.9 in Prelims at Mission Viejo Swim Meet of Champions


Caeleb Dressel swam a 47.97 in the men’s 100 free on Friday morning in prelims at the 2019 Fran Crippen Memorial Swim Meet of Champions. This continues a trend for Dressel this season of being much faster in-season than we’ve seen in previous years. At his last meet, the Atlanta Classic, he was 48.45 in prelims and 47.86 in finals. That prelims swim was the famous 24.1/24.3 nearly-negative split. Coming into this season, his fastest in-season swim was a 48.74 done in June of 2016, a few weeks before the Olympic Trials. Now he’s been under 48 twice this season before the World Championships.

This is all in the follow-up year to a 2018 season where his best time was just 48.13.

Other Prelims Highlights:

  • Allison Schmitt qualified 1st in the 100 free in 55.84. Also in that A-final will be Beata Nelson, a short course star who has had less success in long course, in 55.99. That’s her first time under 56 seconds.
  • China’s Ye Shiwen led prelims in the women’s 200 fly in 2:11.34.
  • Annie Lazor, who has hit best times in basically every meet over the last 6 months, cruised to a 2:31.46 in the women’s 200 breaststroke in a relatively slow morning session.
  • Jonathan Gomez swam 2:00.00 to lead qualifying in the 200 fly. Arizona undergrad Brooks Fail swam 2:00.28 and Tom Shields swam a 2:00.71.
  • China’s Yan Zibei led qualifying in the men’s 200 breaststroke in 2:11.94, followed by defending Olympic Champion Dmitry Balandin in 2:12.78. Those two were far-separated from the field.

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Mr Piano

2017: Dressel goes 47.97 at US Nats, 47.17 at Worlds.

2019: Dressel goes 47.97 at an in season meet in prelims.


Please stay away from Tom….Thx


Tom is the craftsman tho

Justin Thompson

Piano hit him hard…32.49 final 50 tonight.


I can’t wait until the afterburners kick in.

Justin Thompson

Ol’ Longhorn suspiciously quiet on this prelim swim.



Ol' Longhorn

Nothing to see here, because that’s all he has this meet.

Justin Thompson

47.9 in the finals. Out in 22.7 back in 25.2 so front half was there.


I was at the meet. Unfortunately due to chase starts splits are not being recorded for prelims. This should change for finals.




He was suited though if anyone was wondering


Did it look all-out or was he trying to negative split do you think?

We’ve Got A Hulk

At the meet. Stroke was smooth and not completely all out, so he should be faster tonight. Wouldn’t be surprised if he throws something pretty ridiculous down


we know by now he will be ridiculously fast next month ….

Ol' Longhorn

His finals swim confirms it.


Has Caeleb gone back to using the jitter-inducing, caffeinated and creatine-laced PreWorkout supplement he discussed in Swimswam video during his final NCAAs? He may want to get back to his admitted four-scoop ways on that if he wants to catch B. Proud, Fratus and others whom he trails badly now. But perhaps the whole M. Cox supp situation scared him off?


Meh, most preworkouts no longer have creatine in them


creatine in supplements only helps for around 15 seconds anyway, so while it would be more helpful in sprint events it doesn’t make a big difference, especially in the 50 where fatigue isn’t a massive concern


next time get us a manual split and you will be our hero

Coach Mike 1952



Sorry, what are chase starts? (sounds different than “flyover” starts)


Chase starts means starting races at both ends. As one heat flips and swims they’re final length the next heat steps up, then as the in water swimmers get around 25m the starter gets the heat up and starts them. So. they are chasing the previous heat down the pool


I’m pretty sure that I would finish out of my mind if I thought the Caleb Dressel was about to mow me over!


They have to wait extra long to start his heat 😉

Coach Mike 1952

Are waves any consideration in this arrangement? Presuming only in a long water pool yes?


I assume based on the slowest in the previous heat getting to the 25m before the next heat starts? Feels like this only works for heats with swimmers at fairly even speed. My mind immediately imagine Katie Ledecky swimming 400m and she is half a lap ahead of the rest of her heat… if starts go by her lane, some are going to dive into the swimmers just make the turn for final lap! But of course, Katie is going to be at the last heat so my imagination is just imagination for the worse case scenario. I can also imagine everyone finishing hard for 200fly… the guys and gals in the last lap are struggling and the thought of… Read more »


Yeah a long time ago I swam a 200 fly LC with the women’s 50 free doing chase starts behind me. I was DYING and the girl was just before the flags when I finished. The ref was there to get me out of the pool as quick as possible


I swam heat one of a guys 4IM chasing the lady heat of girls. As the starter got us ready I was thinking the girl in my land was too close. Sure enough at the 45m mark I was on her left at her knees. Total screw up.


Jeez. What happened? Did you touch the wall first?


Jeez Dressel/Chalmers/Grinev is really hotting up now… 47.1 for whoever wins gold at Worlds; If the WR goes it will be done in SFs, but I don’t think it will go down this year. Next year it’s toast!


The big guns are gonna exhaust themselves in the SFs and then a wild Peter Timmers will sneak the title


hehehe why not , Timmers will have an outside smoke chance for sure …


Would actually love to see that…


Timmers owes that silver to Santo lol


not at all ….stop that nonsense past review mirror


Santo who ? The one season wonder ?


exactly …..not heard of him since 2016 or so ….LOL

E Gamble

Dressel has already been 47.1 in the 100 free. I’m pretty sure he’s gunning for a PB. I think he comes close or even breaks the WR. I’m predicting a Dressel win and the fastest second 50 split.


I have no doubt he is, and he will probably get one, but sprint finals always seem to be a bit slower than people expect. Particularly when a race is close.

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