Bukhov’s 23.14 50 Fly Silver In Luxembourg Sets New World Junior Record


There were plenty of big guns in the Centre National Sportif et Culturel d’Coque pool on day 1 of the 2020 Euro Meet in Luxembourg, but one teenager in particular was able to hold his own among the titans.

Contesting the men’s 50m final, 17-year-old Vladyslav Bukhov of Ukraine busted out a lifetime best time of 23.14 to secure the silver medal behind teammate and reigning World Record holder Andrii Govorov.

Govorov touched just .07 ahead of the teen in 23.07, while French powerhouse rounded out the top 3 in 23.56.

With his big-time performance this evening, Bukhov now establishes himself as the new World Junior Record holder in the event. His 23.14 time from tonight overtakes the previous WJR held by American Michael Andrew at the 23.33 notched at the 2017 World Junior Championships.

Bukhov already soared to a personal best of 23.37 this morning to threaten the WJR and knocked another .23 off to check-in with the new mark come this evening’s final.

Bukhov’s outstanding swim would have earned gold at the 2019 World Junior Championships, where tonight’s 100m back gold medalist Thomas Ceccon topped the podium in 23.37.

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Corn Pop
1 year ago

Lots of youngsters at the top in mens fly . Without stalking , maybe we have a comparison in height , weight & suggestions on how they are achieving this eg strength to weight , super dolphin , flexible & light shoulders , mileage , or just growing up with the notion fly can be only a tic behind free. .

Its like we have a generation of Mary Ts.

Ol’ Longhorn
Reply to  Corn Pop
1 year ago

Great group of young flyers, but come on, we’re talking Mary T. Put her in a tech suit 30 years ago and her times would be podium material at Tokyo.

1 year ago

French powerhouse, my favorite swimmer

Corn Pop
Reply to  Reid
1 year ago

Imagine if Laure was built like that .

Ol’ Longhorn
Reply to  Corn Pop
1 year ago

That Italian idiot wouldn’t have leaked those nude photos if she were.

1 year ago

Bukhov owns MA

Ol’ Longhorn
Reply to  Yup
1 year ago

In one stroke.

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