Lady Brown Bears edge out Northeastern at Brown Invitational

In Providence, Rhode Island the Lady Brown Bears hosted the Brown Invitational with Northeastern University and University of Massachusetts Amherst. The tight meet came down to the 200 freestyle relay which Brown took first and second to solidify the win. Full results for the meet can be found here.

Massachusetts diving completely shut down both Brown and Northeastern by taking the top three spots for diving on 1 meter and 3 meter. Mac Eckhardt took first on both boards and was followed up by teammate Rachel Dushman on 1 meter and Rhiannon Froman on 3 meter. Fourth would have been another chance to score for UMass, but freshman Julia Jagannath ended up diving exhibition. With no seniors on their roster for this meet, UMass has a strong diving crowd on the women’s side. On 1 meter and 3 meter Candace Young finished fourth for Northeastern.

Northeastern started their meet off well with a first place finish in the 400 medley relay with the A-relay of Anna Schegoleva, Julia Alvarez, Addison Koelle, and Jordan Domeier. Anna Schegoleva made a huge statement with her lead off leg of 57.75 and Addison Koelle produced the fastest split the flyers in the field with a 55.75. The UMass A-relay of Rebecca Quirie, Meriza Werenski, Jocelyn Yuen, and Zoe Judd took second place while Meriza Werenski produced the fastest breaststroke split in the field with a 1:03.80. The Brown B-relay took third with Paige Gilley, Caroline Vexler, Leigh Holmes, and Kate Dillione as Kate Dillione produced the fastest free split of the field as she wrapped up the Brown relay with a 51.72.

Brown and Northeastern went back and forth in the 1000 free as Northeastern took first and fourth place while Brown took second and third. The top finisher Colleen McCormack had a steady swim with 50 splits around the high 30’s and low to mid 31’s through the whole race and finished with a time of 10:20.02. Meghan Viohl and Lauren Levy almost finished dead even with respective times of 10:24.69 and 10:25.45 for Northeastern. Levy had a stronger last 150 than Viohl did which helped her make up for lost time on the first 50 where Viohl split a 26.82, the fastest split in the field by almost two seconds.

Kate Dillione took first in the 2oo freestyle with a 1:51.17 while Zoe Judd took second for UMass and negative split her last 50 by 1.38 seconds (a 29.02 to a 27.64) to finish with a time of 1:51.85. Julia Sepulveda took third place for Northeastern with a 1:54.46.

In the 100 backstroke Anna Schegoleva of Northeastern took first place with a 57.10 while Paige Gilley took second with a 57.70. The two girls had almost the exact same drop off between 50’s but Gilley didn’t take it out fast enough. Jenna Diamond took third for UMass with a 59.18.

UMass made a statement in the 100 breaststroke with a first and third place finish with Meriza Werenski and Katie Arnott with respective times of 1:03.97 and 1:06.84. Julia Alvarez took second place for Northeastern with a 1:05.25.

While Addison Koelle took first for Northeastern in the 200 fly with a 2:02.30, Gina Matsumoto and Leigh Holmes snagged second and third with respective times of 2:03.33 and 2:04.36 for Brown.

Zoe Judd showed her power in the 50 freestyle for UMass with a 24.03 while Brown took second, third, and fourth with Megan Nolet in a 24.34, Emma Lamothe in a 24.37, and Reia Tong in a 24.42. Northeastern’s Rachel Green took fifth place with a 24.64.

Brown took 3 out of the top 4 spots in the 100 freestyle. Kate Dillione took first with a 52.00 and beat UMass power sprinter Zoe Judd by .13 with better front half speed. Reia Tong took third for Brown with a 52.65 and behind her with fourth was Paige Gilley with a 52.72.

Anna Schegoleva took first in the 200 backstroke with a 2:04.15 with her front half speed, being the only backstroker out under 30. Alexis Daswick took second for Brown with a 2:06.73. Third place was Addison Koelle showing off her versatility with a time just shy of Daswick with a 2:06.82. UMass took fourth with Jenna Diamond with a 2:07.58.

Meriza Werenski comes back again for the 200 breaststroke with fellow breaststroker Katie Arnott as they took first and second place with a 2:17.44 and a 2:24.47 respectively. Werenski started off her race with a first 50 split that was enough to leave the rest of the field unable to catch up. Katie Roach swam a 2:25.91 and Nicole Provenza swam a 2:26.85, good for a third and fourth place finish for Brown.

The 500 free ended up being a closer race than expected, with a second and third place finish for Northeastern. Megan Viohl not only took first in the 1000 free but also first in the 500 free for Brown. Second and third place went to Jordan Domeier and Adrianna Sepulveda just behind Viohl with respective times of 5:03.89 and 5:04.51.

Addison Koelle took first for Northeastern with her signature front half speed in a 55.91. Brown had the second, third, and fourth place finishes with Leigh Holmes with a 56.86, Gina Matsumoto with a 57.75, and Emma Lamothe with a 58.37.

Familiar names show up in the 200 IM, all showcasing their strengths in their respective 50 of the race. Meriza Werenski took first with a 2:05.12 and had a breaststroke split that beat the entire field by over two seconds. Anna Schegoleva took second with a 2:06.51 and had the fastest fly and back splits of the whole field. Fourth place finisher Julia Sepulveda had the fastest free split of the field and finished with a time of 2:09.26.

Brown took first and second in the 200 free relay, with three out of the four swimmers on the Brown A-Relay of Reia Tong, Megan Nolet, Paige Gilley, and Kate Dillione breaking the 24 second mark in their 50’s. The first place relay swam a 1:35.11 while the second place Brown B-relay of Emma Lamothe, Leigh Holmes, Alexis Daswick, and Maggie Jordan finished with a 1:37.67. Northeastern’s A-relay of Rachel Green, Erica Demenbrun, Amanda Jia Xin Liew, and Jessica Colucci finished third with a 1:37.99.

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