Idea Of British Vs. US Ryder Cup-Style Competition Gaining Steam

The idea of a Ryder Cup-style event between various British and American sporting contingencies is gaining steam, as British Olympic Association Chief Executive, Bill Sweeney is engaging in talks with the United State Olympic Committee. Based on the format of the current Ryder Cup, a biennial men’s golf competition between teams from Europe and the U.S., the multi-sport version would take place every two years as well and, according to Inside the Games, could come as early as 2019.

The prospect was originally brought up in December of last year at the same time the BOA, UK Sport and other national governing bodies within Great Britain began discussions surrounding replacing separate, sport-by-sport traditional Olympic trials with a televised, multi-sport competitive event.

Of the idea of an ongoing multi-sport Ryder Cup, Sweeney says, “The question now is to identify which sports this works best for, and speaking to those sports and our stakeholders about it.

“A number of our sports have said they are interested in doing it and the concept is based around a home and away series, every two years, as we see in the world of golf.

“That will give us another opportunity to generate additional revenue that we can pump back into the system.”

Swim fans got a taste of what a swimming-specific competition between Great Britain and America would be like just this past weekend in Indianapolis A 40+ strong British squad traveled to the States to compete at the Arena Pro Swim Series, pitting rivals such as world record holder and individual gold medalist Adam Peaty against American Olympians Cody Miller and Kevin Cordes.

From an American perspective, a British and American duel may be a viable substitute for the at-risk Duel in the Pool, the all-star meet between the United States and Europe that typically took place in odd-numbered years. With major sponsor Mutual of Omaha dropping its relationship with USA Swimming, the Duel in the Pool may potentially be sunk.

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“Swim fans got a taste of what a swimming specific competition between great Britain and America would be like just this past weekend in Indianapolis?”
This article cracks me up. If by a taste you mean Britain would win only one gold then this article is right. Outside Adam peaty in the 50 and 100 breast, I don’t see any competition.

On the women,s side Britain won’t win any gold.
On the men,s side it,s just peaty


A bit harsh? Guy would have a good chance in the 200-400m, plus Wallace, Litchfield in the IMs. On the women’s side, SMOC in the 200 IM is an obvious one, and Tutton/Renshaw in the 200 breaststroke.


In the 400 IM chase kalitz would smoke any British medley swimmer. You have a point with Siobhan Marie o Connor though, she would be the favorate in the 200 IM. I forgot about her.
As for James guy. Nah, the US is too deep in the 200 free and I don’t see him hanging with a fast improving townley haas. Duncan Scott could pull a win in the 100 free though. At least he had to hope caeleb dressel either stops improving or that dressel has a very bad day.


Not really, on the men’s side Duncan Scott would have a chance in the 100free, guy in the 200/400, the miler who’s name I forgot would have a chance now that jaegers gone
For the women Siobhan Marie-O’Connor would be the big favorite in the 200 IM and would have a chance in some other events. Hannah Miley would have a chance in the 400 IM, I think they also have a sprint backstroker who could contend.
Obviously the US would win but the British would get some wins. The only team that can hang with the US men’s 400 Medley and 800 free relay right now are the British.


In Budapest , i can foresee a serious duel in both of those relays already now .

Coach John

ben proud in the 50FR


I think the emphasis is on “multi-sport”… For example, USA would dominate Swimming or Track, Britain would equally dominate cycling or rowing.

Either way, it’s just an opportunity to generate some much needed revenue & publicity for ‘lesser’ sports, aka not Football/American football.


Leave the Ryder Cup to Golf.

bobo gigi

Useless for swimming.
In even years there are either pan pacs or olympic games and in odd years there are world championships.

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