Breeja Larson, Thiago Parravicini with dominating breaststroke wins at Shenandoah Sectional

The 200 breaststrokers were the highlight of Wednesday night’s action in Shenandoah, Texas, as Breeja Larson and Thiago Parravicini put up big times in winning Speedo Sectional titles.

Parravicini, the Division II national record-holder for Incarnate Word, blew away the men’s 200 breast field with a 2:18.01. The Brazilian was out in a quick 1:06.2 en route to a 4-second win. Meanwhile Texas A&M grad and Olympian Larson took home the women’s title, going 2:26.71 in what should be her final tune-up before nationals. Larson won by nearly six seconds.

Georgia Bulldog Maddy Locus won the women’s 100 free to open up the meet. Swimming for First Colony Swim Team, Locus went 56.83 to beat Aggie Swim Club’s Sarah Gibson and Texas Longhorn signee Rebecca Millard.

The men’s event went to Alexander Hancock of Blue Tide. His 51.51 just nipped Luke Shaw of Alamo Area, who went 51.82.

From there, the Dallas Mustangs rattled off three straight wins. Claire Brandt won the women’s 200 back in runaway fashion, going 2:14.84. She beat second-place by over five seconds. The next race, the men’s 200 back, went to her teammate Wiliam Crowe in 2:04.76. Finally, Tiffany Futscher went 2:17.68 to win the women’s 200 fly, completing the trio of wins for the Mustangs.

Alamo Area’s Andrew Skowronek closed out the night with a 2:03.18 win in the men’s 200 fly. That topped his teammate Aaron Moran by a little over three seconds.

The meet continues through Saturday night. Full results are available on Meet Mobile under “2014 SCS Long Course Sectional Championships.”

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7 years ago

Breeja’s 200 has been inconsistent, but she’s had some good swims the last couple months setting herself up for nationals. A good summer could qualify her for all three breaststroke events next year.

Is she staying at A&M for the foreseeable future?

bobo gigi
Reply to  floppy
7 years ago

Why do you ask the question?
Because you think all breaststrokers of the world finish sooner or later at the Trojan Swim Club? :mrgreen:

7 years ago

She’s going to have a good summer. 0% tapered for this meet.

Yes it seems she will as that is where she has been training all summer

Former Longhorn
7 years ago

While everyone focuses on Larson, I will date to address Thiago and his team, Incarnate Word. UIW has had the best couple of years in it’s history, ranking as high as top 15-20 their first year as a DI program – and it is no secret why.

Christopher O’Linger – the UIW Assistant Coach has been the source of change. I had the pleasure of being a few years younger than him and watched him outsmart people FAR beyond his ability level (no offense if you’re reading this Christopher!) in every single freestyle event – every single meet – all the way up to the highest level. His swimming IQ is undoubtedly among the best and his “dark horse” qualities… Read more »

NorthShore Star
Reply to  Former Longhorn
7 years ago

I agree! Chris has changed the program. UIWs distance program was run by Chris the last year they competed as a Division II program. His swimmers did indeed show drastic improvement. Importantly, Chris is a positive force and quite a motivator. There really isn’t enough praise for what he accomplished.

Retired swimmer
Reply to  Former Longhorn
7 years ago

I was fortunate enough to swim under Chris for two years. I can confidently say he saved my career. I was burnt out and coming off of a sophomore slump and he found a way to make me love swimming and crave competition again. I have never met a more attentive and knowledgable coach, not to mention an all-around great and supportive person. Excited to see where he goes from here.

Chris - Come Home!
7 years ago

I don’t want to make this ALL about Chris, but…

Please come back to Tampa!

I have always told my parents I wish he atuck around here and coach me! I’ve swam for many coaches, but Chris helped me look better in the water than anyone. He made the sport fun.

Chris…if we have 100 signatures will you come back and coach here?!?!

FL Pro
7 years ago

Seriously…I’ve always said there’s Bowman, Reese, Troy, Hall, Marsh, and Chris. At least I now know some people know who I’m referring to!!!!!!! Congratulations Chris!

I’m glad people are starting to realize his potential worth. I’ve been to clinics and camps all over the US, and just a week visit to Tampa a few years ago, his informal conversations to me were valuable, brutally honest, and very inspiring. The kids he coaches UNDERSTAND the program. What I loved was how he gives kids tools, monitors them and then let’s them become accountable for themselves. More importantly EVERY SET IS PURPOSEFUL. This eliminates complaints and lazy effort. His swimmers believe in him and his program. Funny enough, I looked into UIW,… Read more »

7 years ago

Look…Because Chris or Christopher O’Linger is getting SO much press the past couple days, I feel obigated to say something an not to be left out. I do not know him personally or professionally, bu ill say this: We have swam them in a duel meet the past couple years. I swim the 100-200-500 frees, for info. Our match-ups against UIW startedas a mock meet for us. It was prep. As the couple years Chris has been a coach there, we absolutely hate raceing his swimmers! Whenever a freestyle event comes up, his swimmers show up to race anyone that is swimming next to them. hey are tactical and pure. Like I said…dont know him. But I hope the people… Read more »

Braden Keith(@braden)
Reply to  Unidentified
7 years ago

Unidentified – you must be new here. Your buddy Chris has written several articles on his training for SwimSwam.

Still Unidentified
7 years ago

Wow didn’t even realize he had written any of them. Ok you win, for now. Swimswam should do a straight interview with guided questions. Maybe it will give away a few secrets as to what he’s actually doing over the course of a season, or weekly/daily basis. Because anyone who has seen UIW tapered and shaved will agree, he’s doing something more than the articles say. He’s hiding something. Get it out of him! If he’s as great a coach as everyone is saying, let him explain the basis behind what he does (this is a direct challenge Chris/Christopher Olinger). But thank you, Braden. I will change my name to “Unaware and embarrassed” instead of “Unidentified”

7 years ago

Hey guys! I had been gearing about this feed while my guys were busy tearing up Shenandoah! I truly appreciate the kind words, but I do not associate myself with any of the aforementioned names. I have been blessed by Phil Davis and the University with an opportunity to work with some amazing athletes – even more luckily, I have been able to retain a few of them who have excelled to an international level. I am looking forward to my new venture onto the international high performance level headlined by three of my former Cardinals – Thiago Parravicini, Daniel Torres, and Andrii Nikishenko.

Unidentified (or anyone else) : I would love to explain my program to you. I… Read more »

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Jared Anderson swam for nearly twenty years. Then, Jared Anderson stopped swimming and started writing about swimming. He's not sick of swimming yet. Swimming might be sick of him, though. Jared was a YMCA and high school swimmer in northern Minnesota, and spent his college years swimming breaststroke and occasionally pretending …

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