Brazilian Court of Sports Justice Clears Medeiros’ Doping Violation

One of Brazil‘s premier female swimmers, Etiene Medeiros, has been deemed innocent despite registering a positive result for a banned substance earlier this month.

About two weeks ago, Brazil‘s swimming federation confirmed Medeiros’ failed doping test for an asthma medication that she had not gotten a TUE (Therapeutic-Use-Exemption) for. It looked as though she would be suspended from the sport and could possibly have been out of Rio for having the banned substance in her body without having a TUE to justify its presence.

That’s not the case, however, as Brazil‘s court of sports justice (STJD) has cleared Medeiros of her violation.

According to Brazilian news outlet, the STJD has deemed the 50 back SCM world record holder as innocent. Medeiros’ lawyer did not comment on the fact that the Rio anti-doping laboratory just had its accreditation revoked by the WADA, and whether or not that was used in her defense.

The STJD, through a rough translation, “unanimously decided that no fault or negligence could be attributed to the athlete, thus declaring her innocent,” after examining her case. It is unclear the reasoning behind this. It would seem that, considering the current circumstances, Medeiros will be competing at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The WADA can still appeal to the CAS to extend the case.

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6 years ago

Again those who can barely breathe unaided are out there blazing a path to the podium.

6 years ago

WADA better appeal. Brazilian court of sports justice should have about as little to say about doping offenders as Russia’s or Kenya’s dito about their own athletes. Something more neutral should decide. Brazil wouldn’t want a “star” banned just weeks prior to the games.

6 years ago

Brazil isn’t shy about sweeping positive tests under the rug. They only gave cielo a warning after a positive.

Reply to  Pvdh
6 years ago

In this case is different.Cielo warning was given by CBDA and confirmed by WADA.And he tested all his batches of supplement besides the last.Etiene still may suffer WADA judgement.

Irish Ringer
Reply to  Pvdh
6 years ago

Business as usual in Brazil.

6 years ago

I am curious as to how she is not deemed negligent for not having gotten a TUE.

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