Braden Holloway Explains 800 Free Relay Order, Newkirk Illness (Video)


  • July 4th-10th, 2019
  • Napoli, Italy
  • LCM (50m)
  • Live Stream: Olympic Channel (in US), Rai Sport (in Italy)
  • Entry Lists & Live Results

Reported by Reid Carlson.


  • World Record – 6:58.55, Phelps, Berens, Walters, Lochte (USA), 2009
  • Meet Record – 7:05.49, Izotov, Lobinstev, Lobuzov, Sukhorukov (RUS), 2013
  1. United States, 7:09.77
  2. Italy, 7:10.43
  3. Australia, 7:14.75

The United States held off a hard-charging Italian contingent for the victory in the men’s 4 x 200 freestyle relay, making the American men 2-for-2 in relay victories. Dean Farris led off for the Americans in 1:48.73, touching the wall 4th behind Italy’s Mattia Zuin (1:48.36) and Russia’s Nikolay Snegirev(1:47.91) and France’s Jordan Pothain (1:48.70). Grant House then contributed a 1:47.89, which was followed by a huge 1:46.99 from Trenton JulianZach Apple followed up Julian’s with a 1:46.16 of his own to keep the lead the American’s had established after Julian’s swim.

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Newport Beach Lover
4 years ago

Did not know swimswam staff was at WUG. Recall reading something about the European staff was at Euro Jr… Love the microphone.

4 years ago

His explanation seems very reasonable to me.

4 years ago

And THAT is why you are always fourth….

4 years ago

If Newkirk was sick that is understandable but Freeman swam a 400, 400, 200, 200 and 200 in the first two days and his flat start in the 200 final bests Farris. Yet Farris gets the nod with no audition. Please explain that. Any swimmer or coach will tell you the 100 is the 100 and the 200 is a different race.

Reply to  SpeedRacer
4 years ago

Also remember he is the American record holder in the short course 200

Reply to  Jcdkdb
4 years ago

Yards and Meters are different swims. Any coach will tell you that. Walls vs No Walls. Underwaters vs Fewer Underwaters.

Reply to  SpeedRacer
4 years ago

I don’t know why they would put Yeadon in the prelims (1:50) when he hasn’t been having the best meet. At least give Freeman a shot, he went 1:48 flat start. Some of these decisions by the coaches at this meet have my mind boggled

Reply to  Wow
4 years ago

Add to the fact he didn’t even have the qualifying time at Nationals to swim the 200 and had to time trial it. Yeadon should have never been an AM option given in season best this year is a 1:53 high. But he is training with Texas this summer so maybe some coaches are working angles for their swimmers more than others. Shebat—relay this evening case in point.

Reply to  SpeedRacer
4 years ago

I can see coaches want to give more swimmers experience in relay especially WUG is seen as a lesser meet… but it still sucks for those who actually qualified but not have a chance to swim in the relay for medal.

Reply to  SpeedRacer
4 years ago

real explanation: Holloway read Swimswam comments and knew Dean is good, I mean god!


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