Elena Cerjanec

Elena Cerjanec

Elena Cerjanec was born to parents Derek and Thea Cerjanec on January 31st, 1996. At just the age of three, Elena began swim lessons at the YMCA in Smithfield, Rhode Island, where she continued to swim for the next six years. When Elena was ten, she joined the Pine Tree Swim Club at the YMCA in Portland, Maine under coaches Dee Saint Cross and Don Murphy. For the next eight years, Elena trained, competed and thrived on the club team. In addition, Elena joined the Falmouth High School Swim Team, where she swam varsity all four years. Once Elena graduated from Falmouth High School, she ventured to Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts. Elena has just completed her first season as a Simmons shark under coach Mindy Williams, and has a very bright future ahead of her. Elena specializes in Individual Medley events.


Elena swam competitively for the Pine Tree YMCA in Portland, Maine for eight years. In her time on the team, Elena competed at the Maine State Championships multiple times. In addition, Elena swam on her high school team for four years where she thrived as an individual medley swimmer.

College-Simmons College


In her first year as a Simmons shark, Elena made a great first impression and showed amazing growth and resilience as a swimmer. She competed throughout the entire season, and even through an ankle injury swam in the last regular season dual meet! She specialized in individual medley events, and often competed in butterfly and backstroke events as well.


Elena is a nursing student at Simmons, and aspires to be a neonatal/NICU nurse one day!


Best Times

Course Event Time Date Meet
scy 100 IM 1:22.21 01/17/15
Simmons College
scy 50 Fly 37.33 01/17/15
Simmons College
scy 200 IM 2:55.66 12/06/15
Simmons College