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3 Ways You Are Hurting Your Teammates

Having teammates is vital to success, but are you doing a good job as one? While often our hearts are in the right place, we can fall into patterns that negatively affect those around us.

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Shouts From The Stands: Reflections in Texas After Tragedy in Paris

Meaningless Meaningful Courtesy of Franco Pacheco It seems there are moments in our lives that stop everything. For the generations before…


5 Unfortunate Swim Meet Moments

Swim meets are always fodder for some sort of folly or story. With many swimmers making a career of swimming for life, most of these moments are sure to have happened once to them or to someone they know.

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Four Things Unsaid in a Coach’s Goodbye

Stories from the Road: Four Things Unsaid in a Coach’s Goodbye


What does Roddy “Rowdy” Piper have to do with swimming?

Roddy “Rowdy” Piper died this past week after gracing our world with 61 years. He was a wrestler that debuted in the national stage in 1975 but really gained national attention in the late 1980’s in the World Wrestling Federation.


Stories from the Road: The Quest

“After my experience at American Swim Coaches Association Conference and the resulting travel blog, commenters suggested I do a regular column….”


CSCAA Convention Travel Blog Day 3 and 4

“After all of the previous day’s excitement I wasn’t sure the schedule could keep pace. I was incorrect.”


CSCAA Convention Travel Blog Day 2

Day 2 began with me misreading my watch and getting to the convention an hour earlier than anything started. It was great to be in the right place, but as I sat alone in the lobby it took a good twenty minutes for me to realize my folly.


College Swimming Coaches Association of America Convention Travel Blog: Day 1

Let me start by saying that I have never been to a coaching convention in my young career. For whatever reason, the stars have never aligned and I have never had the opportunity.

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March Madness Bracketology: Just Add Water

Reimagine this year’s Women’s Championship meet as if you are filling in your March Madness bracket.


5 Things to Do After a Bad Race

You touch the wall, look up at the clock, and you’re met with disappointment. That wasn’t the time you trained for. That wasn’t the time that you put all of your effort into. So now what? Here are five things to do after a bad race…


Yik Yak Reveals the Ugly Side of Swimming – Shout From the Stands

In what has been an amazing conference championship’s season, an elephant has been sneaking onto the deck.


6 Things to Do Before Swimming Your First College Championship Mile

Since the mile isn’t a part of the regular meet schedule but happens to be swum at most championships meets, the coming of the mile is something of an event.


8 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Swimmer in Your Life

It’s that time of year again! You may be thinking Conference Championship or secretly hoping March Madness might have somehow find a way to come early, but you would be mistaken. It is Hallmark’s favorite non-holiday, Valentine’s Day.

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5 Other Sports Swimmers Might Try and What to Expect

“During down times of the day, we compare sports and talk about workability and cross-sport conversion. After a particularly spirited discussion about rowing and swimming, I decided to research the issues swimmers might face if they attempt to crossover and do their best Bo Jackson impersonation.”