YMCA Aquatics Manager Curtis Klausner Banned By SafeSport

Curtis Klausner, a Florida-based aquatics manager, has been deemed “permanently ineligible” by the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

Klausner is now listed as “permanently ineligible” in SafeSport’s searchable database. His violation is listed as “

Klausner is listed as being from Casselberry, Florida, and a LinkedIn page shows a “Curt Klausner” who is the Aquatics Manager at the YMCA of Central Florida. A YMCA press release also names Klausner as aquatics director. USA Swimming confirmed that the banned Klausner was an aquatics manager with the YMCA of Central Florida.

Klausner’s name doesn’t yet appear on USA Swimming’s banned list, but will be added after his appeal period runs out on October 5, USA Swimming says. The U.S. Center for SafeSport now conducts all investigations and hands down all bans based on allegations of sexual misconduct or abuse, rather than USA Swimming itself.

We’ve reached out to the YMCA of Central Florida for comment on the ban and Klausner’s employment status with the organization, but have not yet received a response.

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I almost swam for them wow

PC Swimmer

I don’t believe this. I was coached by him as a kid and have crossed paths since. Seen him poolside coaching, etc. He’s a professional.


Because the bank robber didn’t rob the bank when I was in it must mean he has never robbed a bank. Ok.

SUM Ting Wong

Robbing is not the worst . In Melbourne a
refugee set fire to a bank with ppl inside BECOZ there was no money in his account .


I swam under him as a kid when he was a coach at Phoenix Swim Club. He always wore short running shorts and made us do the butterfly stretch in our suits. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did some perverted sh*t with underage girls.


what years?


1994 – 2000

Raleigh Swim

Got quietly run out of Raleigh before Phoenix.


Raleigh? The article doesn’t mention he was there, or Phoenix swim club?

Raleigh Swim

Was a coach at RSA


Quietly run out? That’s interesting. Have people known about this guy?


In college? Because I coached with him in Florida for 3 years after he graduated– 1990-93 — and never saw or even heard whispers about anything like this. Married to a beautiful young teammate from NC State and this doesn’t sound like the guy I knew.


What is the relevance of his wife being beautiful and young to whether he has, 25 years after you coached with him, acted inappropriately?

Dave Andersen

RSA in 94 was run by Paul Silver?


I have no knowledge of this coach at all, but whenever I read a comment where a person says he or she has known about this type of behavior, I want to give a friendly reminder that if you know of any abuse, regardless of how long ago it happened, you need to report it- safesport.org. And if the abuse is current, call the police.


Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don’t lump in short shorts with safesport violations. Free the knee!


When nothing’s worn under the short shorts and exposing everything for his swimmers to see, you bet it’s a violation. Not a time to defend this guy either.


Oh, I’m not defending him. I was just addressing Camelback’s assertion that short shorts are a sign of a predator. The situation you are suggesting would absolutely be a safesport violation, but that wasn’t in the original comment.


CAMELBACK did not say “nothing’s worn under the short shorts…” YOU added that. This is like the broken telephone game we played as children…. The end result is a fabrication of the imaginations and interpretations of those playing. Sensationalism? but this isn’t a game. Here people are making ASSUMPTIONS that only ruin the reputation of a man and his family. How would you feel is someone was making a false accusation and others were adding to it…. “Do onto other…”


I use to be a cheerleader too until I got dropped on my head. It is very painful to realize how dumb and naive I was to trust a seemingly great person. Pedophiles do not wear their agendas on their sleeve and weave their way into everyday families. I hope you do raise allot of money, for the wife and daughter, who are the second and third victims.

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