African Recap Day 4: Le Clos Unable to Top Phelps, Misses Podium


The Phelps-Le Clos drama and antics aside– the South African is fearless, and he really went for it tonight in the 200 fly final.

Though, despite the talk and the build-up for the 200 fly, Le Clos was less of a factor than expected. Well, the entire order of the finalists in that race was seriously jumbled relative to expectations.

Pundits were sure to highlight the Phelps and Le Clos rivalry– that’s drama, and drama sells. Think Lilly King, think Tanya Harding. Drama. Sells. Next tier down were the Hungarians, but heavier attention was on Laszlo Cseh, who’s been around seemingly forever and had already been 1:52 this year.

Then, we were looking at Tamas Kenderesi, the other Hungarian. Those were the four, the focus was largely on Le Clos and Phelps. But, wait. Who was that?!

Japan’s Masato Sakai, less well known than his teammate Daiya Seto who was also in that final, appeared out of thin air to nearly steal the gold from Phelps. And Kenderesi was there for third.

So, Le Clos had to settle for 4th. The South African continues to be THE name to watch from the African continent, and while this was a crushing defeat for him, he’s not done yet. The 100 fly prelims are Thursday, and Le Clos will be hungry for another medal there.

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Good, taught him a lesson. I hope it did anyways.


Le Clos will beat Phelps at 100m butterfly

Justin Pollard

A bold statement. But, ultimately, foolish. Still, I know you say it with a heavy heat; you kno

Justin Pollard

*you know Phelps will win.


u said the same for the 200 – didn’t work out , sorry


Stole this off someone on Twitter:

“Chad le clos, next time le clos your mouth” so funny

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