2021 ACC Women’s Championships: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap


  • When: Wednesday, February 17th – Saturday, February 20th | Prelims: 11:00 am | Finals: 7:00 pm (EST) (Except Wednesday’s timed finals, which begin at 5:15 EST)
  • Where: Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, NC
  • Defending Champion: University of Virginia (x1) (results)
  • Format: 25 Yards/Short Course Yards (SCY)
  • Championship Central: Here
  • Championship Manual
  • Psych Sheets (uncut)
  • Live Results

Day 4 Prelims Heat Sheet

The final prelims session of the 2021 ACC Women’s Championships will kick off this morning with the 200 back, 100 free, 200 breast, and 200 fly. Later in the day, the men will compete on the platform diving event while the 1650 free timed finals will transition the group into tonight’s finals session.

This morning, UVA sophomore Kate Douglass will compete in the 100 free over the 200 breast, where she holds the ACC record at 2:03.93. Instead, keep an eye on 100 breast champion Sophie Hansson of NC State and 400 IM champion Ella Nelson of UVA in the 200 breast. NC State’s Kylee Alons, who won the 50 free on Thursday, will also take a jab at the 100 free this morning.

NC State’s Katharine Berkoff will take her shot at the 200 back this session as well while UVA freshman Abby Harter holds the top seed in the 200 fly.


  1. UVA, 1047
  2. NC State, 879
  3. Louisville, 683.50
  4. Virginia Tech, 578
  5. Notre Dame, 509
  6. Duke, 502
  7. UNC, 399.50
  8. Georgia Tech, 391
  9. Florida State, 380
  10. Miami, 329
  11. Pittsburgh, 277
  12. Boston College, 147

Women’s 200 Back Prelims

  • ACC Record: 1:49.09, Alexia Zevnik (NCS), 2017
  • ACC Meet Record: 1:49.61, Alexia Zevnik (NCS), 2017
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 1:50.50
  • 2020 Champion: Emma Muzzy (NCS), 1:50.79

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Katharine Berkoff (NCS)- 1:50.82
  2. Emma Muzzy (NCS)- 1:52.23
  3. Alex Walsh (UVA)- 1:52.68
  4. Kate Moore (NCS)- 1:52.87
  5. Emma Atkinson (VT)- 1:53.04
  6. Reilly Tiltmann (UVA)- 1:53.44
  7. Bayley Stewart (ND)- 1:54.23
  8. Tatiana Salcutan (LOU)- 1:54.30

On track to sweep the backstroke events here in Greensboro is NC State sprinter Katharine Berkoff, clocking in the top 200 back time at 1:50.82. Berkoff ranks 3rd in the NCAA this season with her best of 1:50.20. She will be joined by teammates #2 seed Emma Muzzy (1:52.23) and #4 seed Kate Moore (1:52.87), who was runner-up in the 400 IM yesterday.

Placing 3rd this morning was UVA newcomer Alex Walsh, clocking in a time of 1:52.68. Fellow Cavalier rookie Reilly Tiltmann will also contest in the 200 back A-final with her morning swim of 1:53.44.

Also qualifying into the A-final include Virginia Tech’s Emma Atkinson (1:53.04), Notre Dame’s Bayley Stewart (1:54.23), and Louisville’s Tatiana Salcutan (1:54.30).

NC State senior Danika Huizinga qualified 9th into the B-final with 1:54.50, dropping two and a half seconds off her seed time.

Women’s 100 Free Prelims

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Kate Douglass (UVA)- 47.33
  2. Kylee Alons (NCS)- 48.02
  3. Sarah Shackelford (VT)- 48.67
  4. Lexi Cuomo (UVA)- 48.71
  5. Abby Larson (VT)- 48.85
  6. Grace Countie (UNC)- 49.33
  7. Kyla Valls (UVA)- 49.34
  8. Victoria Fonville (NCS)- 49.40

Picking up yet another top prelims time was versatile UVA sophomore Kate Douglass, who clocked in a 47.33 to qualify first into the 100 free A-final. Yesterday, Douglass anchored the winning 400 medley relay in a 46.66, which is two-tenths faster than her flat start best of 46.86. The ACC Meet record sits at 46.67, held by Louisville alum and Worlds team member Mallory Comerford.

Joining Douglass in the top heat will be #4 seed Lexi Cuomo (48.71), who has already picked up two runner-up finishes this meet, and Kyla Valls (49.34), who was runner-up in yesterday’s 200 free A-final.

Swimming the second-fastest time in the 100 free was NC State’s Kylee Alons, who moves up to No. 4 in the NCAA with a 48.02. Alons will be joined by teammate and #8 seed Victoria Fonville (49.40).

The next fastest qualifier, Virginia Tech’s Sarah Shackelford, swam in at 48.67. Her teammate Abby Larson swam the 5th-fastest time this morning at 48.85.

UNC Tar Heel Grace Countie will swim her third A-final this meet with her #6 seed time of 49.33.

Qualifying 9th into the B-final was NC State’s Sirena Rowe, who won the first heat in a time of 49.44. The Florida State Seminoles picked up four swimmers into the B-final as well.

Women’s 200 Breast Prelims

  • ACC Record: 2:03.93, Kate Douglass (UVA), 2020
  • ACC Meet Record: 2:04.34, Emma Reaney (ND), 2014
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 2:06.84
  • 2020 Champion: Sophie Hansson (NCS), 2:05.59

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Sophie Hansson (NCS)- 2:06.35
  2. Ella Nelson (UVA)- 2:06.88
  3. Andrea Podmanikova (NCS)- 2:08.52
  4. Anna Keating (UVA)- 2:08.68
  5. Abby Arens (NCS)- 2:08.92
  6. Julia Poole (NCS)- 2:09.00
  7. Alexis Wenger (UVA)- 2:09.36
  8. Sarah Foley (DUKE)- 2:10.12

The NC State Wolfpack picked up 4 A-finalists in the 200 breast this morning, led by 100 breast ACC record-holder Sophie Hansson (2:06.35). That now moves Hansson from 41st to 4th in the NCAA this season. She will be joined by teammates #3 seed Andrea Podmanikova (2:08.52), #5 seed Abby Arens (2:08.92), and #6 seed Julia Poole (2:09.00).

While UVA’s Douglass and Walsh did not swim the 200 breast this morning, 400 IM champion Ella Nelson did pick up the #2 seed in this event at 2:06.88. She will be joined by teammates Anna Keating (2:08.68) and Alexis Wenger (2:09.36). Duke’s Sarah Foley rounded out the top 8 times this morning at 2:10.12.

Women’s 200 Fly Prelims

  • ACC Record: 1:50.61, Kelsi Worrell (LOU), 2016
  • ACC Meet Record: 1:52.81, Grace Oglesby (LOU), 2019
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 1:53.20
  • 2020 Champion: Grace Oglebsy (LOU), 1:53.70

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Abby Harter (UVA)- 1:55.10
  2. Alena Kraus (LOU)- 1:55.33
  3. Jessica Nava (UVA)/Abby Hay (LOU)- 1:55.77
  4. Reka Gyorgy (VT)- 1:55.83
  5. Luciana Thomas (ND)- 1:56.38
  6. Coleen Gillilan (ND)- 1:56.43
  7. Tristen Ulett (LOU)- 1:56.44

Abby Harter gave UVA another prelims top seed, this time in the 200 fly. Harter clocked in at 1:55.10, just 0.23s ahead of #2 seed Alena Kraus of Louisville (1:55.33). Tying for third at 1:55.77 and joining their respective teammates this evening in the A-final were UVA’s Jessica Nava and Louisville’s Abby Hay. Another Louisville Cardinal, freshman Tristen Ulett, placed 8th into tonight’s final at 1:56.44.

Virginia Tech’s Reka Gyorgy placed 5th this morning at 1:55.83 while the Notre Dame Irish scored two A-finalists, Luciana Thomas (1:56.38) and Coleen Gillilan (1:56.43).

Louisville freshman Gabi Albiero, who finished 3rd in the 50 free on Thursday, placed 9th into the B-final with a 1:56.48, a 2.41-second drop from her seed time.

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Joel Lin
7 months ago

Cuomo is having a brilliant meet, but one thing to sharpen up is she *needs more cowbell* in her morning heats swims at NCAAs to hit an A final in her events. Might also cost her a B final in the 50 if the morning swim isn’t sharper.

She’s been lights out at night…but you gotta get a lane at night.

Reply to  Joel Lin
7 months ago

I’m sure her and DeSorbo will be working on that – she may also not be fully rested for this meet. The UVA women are scaring me with how good they look

7 months ago

Tiltmann Reill is on fire dropping down from her seeded time 1:59.30 to 1:53.44 in prelims.

Reply to  Tomek
7 months ago

Impressive coming from a girl who has only been training with the team for just over a month now

Reply to  Swimmer
7 months ago

You know it is possible she was doing great work before she got there

7 months ago

Kate Moore for NCSU out of the 1650 doing 200 back instead – that’s a bit of a surprise. State must be going all in for the relay.

Reply to  WahooSwimFan
7 months ago

NCSU is racing for 2nd in the relay tonight. Alons and Berkoff have already done their four relays.

Silent Observer
Reply to  WahooSwimFan
7 months ago

She might be pulling the mile/200bk double that Ross Dant did at ACCs last year.

Reply to  Silent Observer
7 months ago

Already swam the 500 and 400 IM…so no.

7 months ago

There was lots of chatter about UVA’s 200 breast group but NC State ends up with more A finalists!

Will be interesting to see if Walsh or Douglass switch to the 200 breast at NCAAs.

7 months ago

arguably 2 of UVAs best 200 breaststrokers didn’t even swim the event

Samuel Huntington
Reply to  ace
7 months ago

Of course but lots of people were talking about a huge Uva sweep that can’t happen without Walsh and Douglass

Reply to  Samuel Huntington
7 months ago

No sweep as along as Hansson is in there

7 months ago

Did any of ‘em go 2:03?

7 months ago

7 UVA/NCS swimmers in the 200 breast final… wow. This is basically a NCS/UVA dual meet at this point

Reply to  PVSFree
7 months ago

Yes, both are incredibly deep teams.

7 months ago

Pre- Big10/Pac12 championships, if you use the swimcloud championship meet simulator (no diving, 20 team limit), UVA wins and NCSU is third, so ACC has two of the top teams in the country. This trend will continue as both programs have top young coaches, strong regional age group programs to draw from. FSU, VaTech, UNC have relatively new coaches but I’d expect they will improve as they get established and build regional recruiting bases. The east coast programs are producing a lot of talent.

ACC fan
7 months ago

Looks like the 200 fly is the only event that could possibly be won by a team not named UVA or NC STATE. TBD…

7 months ago

UVA 400 free relay lineup prediction:


I don’t think they’ll use Valls because I think Walsh and Madden can definitely outsplit her; even with Madden swimming the mile earlier in the meet.

Reply to  lightning
7 months ago

Put Madden on the relay. She is a senior. It will be her last conference swim. She’s earned it.

Joel Lin
Reply to  Coach
7 months ago

I agree. UVa already has a NCAA cut in the relay. It’s always a great gesture by the coaching staff to do this for seniors, née 4th years, when it’s a close call. It’s a classy touch & the people around the program notice it.

Reply to  Joel Lin
7 months ago

Vals is also a senior.

Reply to  lightning
7 months ago

Walsh, Valls, Madden, Douglass. I know that Cuomo is swimming incredibly well and earned a spot, but you give the seniors a final relay together. Madden split 48.0 last year so she is more than fast enough.

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