2019 FINA World Junior Championships: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap


  • 50-Meter Course
  • Duna Arena, Budapest (Hungary)
  • Pool swimming: Tuesday, August 20 – Sunday, August 25, 2019
  • Heats 9:30am GMT+2 (3:30 am EDT / 12:30 am PDT)/ Semifinals and Finals 5:30pm GMT+2 (11:30am EDT / 8:30am PDT)
  • Meet site
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  • FinaTV Live Stream (subscription required)
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The 2019 FINA World Junior Championships continue this morning in Budapest, Hungary. Day 3 prelims for the women includes the 50 back, 400 free, and 200 IM. The men are set to compete in the 50 fly, 200 breast, and 4×200 free relay.


  • WR 26.98 LIU Xiang CHN Jakarta (INA) 21 AUG 2018
  • CR 27.81 FA’AMAUSILI Gabrielle NZL Singapore (SGP) 29 AUG 2015
  • WJ 27.49 ATHERTON Minna AUS Brisbane (AUS) 29 JAN 2016

Semifinals Qualifiers:

  1. (T-1) Jade Hannah (CAN)- 28.02
  2. (T-1) Bronte Job (AUS)- 28.02
  3. Mollie O’Callaghan (AUS)- 28.24
  4. Daria Vaskina (RUS)- 28.34
  5. Costanza Cocconcelli (ITA)- 28.50
  6. (T-6) Anastasia Gorbenko (ISR)- 28.74
  7. (T-6) Annabel Crush (USA)- 28.74
  8. Claire Curzan (USA)- 28.77
  9. Lena Riedemann (GER)- 28.81
  10. Rafaela Azeveda (POR)- 28.83
  11. Miriam Sheehan (PUR)- 29.02
  12. Fernanda Gomes Celidonio (BRA)- 29.16
  13. Anastasiya Shkurdai (BLR)- 29.33
  14. (T-13) Natalie Kan (HKG)- 29.37
  15. (T-13) Nina Stanisavljevic (SRB)- 29.37
  16. Emma Marusakova (SVK)- 29.59

Canada’s Jade Hannah is in the hunt for a backstroke sweep at this meet. Hannah, who won the 100 and 200 back titles here earlier in the meet, tied for gold in this event at the 2017 World Junior Championships. She also tied for 1st this morning as she and Australia’s Bronte Job share the top seed for semis in 28.02 after winning their respective heats. Job’s teammate Mollie O’Callaghan dropped over half a second to take 3rd seed overall and win the first circle-seeded heat in 28.24.

Russia’s Daria Vaskina, the top seed coming in, touched in 28.34 for 4th. Vaskina earned a bronze medal in the 100 back here but ended up scratching yesterday’s 200 back. Claire Curzan of the USA, who took silver in the 100 back here, was the 8th fastest qualifier into semis with a 28.77. Her teammate Annabel Crush tied with Israel’s Anastasia Gorbenko for 6th in 28.74.


  • WR 22.27 GOVOROV Andrii UKR Rome (ITA) 1 JUL 2018
  • CR 23.22 ANDREW Michael USA Indianapolis, IN (USA) 27 AUG 2017
  • WJ 23.22 ANDREW Michael USA Indianapolis (USA) 27 AUG 2017

Semifinals Qualifiers:

  1. Andrei Minakov (RUS)- 23.45
  2. Luca Armbruster (GER)- 23.75
  3. Aleksandr Shchegolev (RUS)- 23.77
  4. Bernardo Bondra (BRA)- 23.83
  5. Josif Miladinov (BUL)- 23.87
  6. Blake Manoff (USA)- 24.04
  7. Arseni Barzhakou (BLR)- 24.11
  8. (T-8) Youssef Ramadan (EGY)- 24.13
  9. (T-8) Thomas Ceccon (ITA)- 24.13
  10. Joshua Liendo Edwards (CAN)- 24.17
  11. Ihor Troianovskyi (UKR)- 24.19
  12. Robin Hanson (SWE)- 24.30
  13. (T-13) Cheuk Yin Ng- 24.42
  14. (T-13) Bjorn Kammann (GER)- 24.42
  15. Mikkel Lee (SGP)- 24.53
  16. Ivan Shamshuryn (BLR)- 24.56

Russia’s Andrei Minakov dominated his heat, taking top seed for semis in 23.45. Minakov won the gold medal in the 100 fly here as well as a silver medal in the 100 fly at the 2019 FINA World Championships. He was well off his 100 fly best here but is already at his 50 fly best. Teammate Aleksandr Shchegolev clipped Brazil’s Bernardo Bondra, 23.77 to 23.83, in heat 10. That makes him the 3rd seed, 2 hundredths behind Germany’s Luca Armbruster (23.75).

The only other man under 24 this morning was Bulgaria’s Josif Miladinov in 23.87. The USA’s Blake Manoff, another 100 fly finalist along with Minakov, Bondra, and Miladinov, finished 6th with a 24.04. Italy’s Thomas Ceccon, the 100 back champion, tied for 8th with Egypt’s Youssef Ramadan in 24.13.

American butterfly standout Luca Urlando, the 200 free champion at this meet, was a no show in this event. Urlando should be on the American 4×200 free relay tonight, but he isn’t on the start lists for prelims. His next individual swim will be the 200 fly on Sunday.


  • WR 3:56.46 57.05 1:57.11 2:57.62 LEDECKY Katie USA Rio de Janeiro (BRA) 7 AUG 2016
  • CR 4:06.17 59.00 2:01.36 3:03.67 COOK Tamsin AUS Singapore (SGP) 28 AUG 2015
  • WJ 3:58.37 57.87 1:58.30 2:58.74 LEDECKY Katie USA Gold Coast (AUS) 21 AUG 2014

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Lani Pallister (AUS)- 4:08.30
  2. Miyu Namba (JPN)- 4:10.47
  3. Claire Tuggle (USA)- 4:10.48
  4. (T-4) Beril Bocekler (TUR)- 4:10.55
  5. (T-4) Rachel Stege (USA)- 4:10.55
  6. Erika Fairweather (NZL)- 4:10.77
  7. Emma O’Croinin (CAN)- 4:11.07
  8. Paula Juste Sanchez (ESP)- 4:11.07

Asutralia’s Lani Pallister was the lone woman under 4:10, touching over 2 seconds ahead of the field in 4:08.30. Pallister won the 800 free earlier in the meet with a new Meet Record and will make a run at a distance sweep. Behind her in heat 6, Japan’s Miyu Namba took 2nd seed with a 4:10.47. The USA’s Claire Tuggle (4:10.48) was just a hundredth back for 3rd seed as she won heat 5. Tammate Rachel Stege was a half second shy of her best, tying for 4th seed with Turkey’s Beril Bocekler in 4:10.55.


  • WR 2:06.12 29.73 1:02.22 1:34.23 CHUPKOV Anton RUS Gwangju (KOR) 26 JUL 2019
  • CR 2:10.19 29.98 1:03.30 1:36.43 CHUPKOV Anton RUS Singapore (SGP) 28 AUG 2015
  • WJ 2:09.39 29.58 1:02.58 1:35.92 QIN Haiyang CHN Budapest (HUN) 27 JUL 2017

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Shoma Sato (JPN)- 2:10.44
  2. Yuta Arai (JPN)- 2:12.87
  3. Josh Matheny (USA)- 2:13.08
  4. Alexander Zhigalov (RUS)- 2:13.40
  5. Savvas Thomoglou (GRE)- 2:13.50
  6. Demir Demirkan (TUR)- 2:13.63
  7. Kyle Booth (GBR)- 2:14.29
  8. Gabe Mastromatteo (CAN)- 2:14.30

Japan took the lead heading into semis with the top 2 seeds in this event. Shoma Sato, the top seed coming into the meet, blew away the field. His 2:10.44 was almost 2.5 seconds ahead of teammate Yuta Arai (2:12.87) as they battled in the final heat. The USA’s Josh Matheny is the 3rd seed with a 2:13.08 after winning the first circle-seeded heat. Russia’s Alexander Zhigalov was just a few tenths back to win the penultimate heat in 2:13.40.

Earlier in the meet, Matheny broke Michael Andrew’s 15-16 NAG Record in the 100 breast and lowered his best time by almost a second through the 3 rounds as he took silver in the final. Earlier this month he also claimed the 200 breast NAG Record, breaking Reece Whitley’s former mark at U.S. Nationals. His current best in this event is a 2:11.02 from that meet.


  • WR 2:06.12 27.30 58.94 1:35.64 HOSSZU Katinka HUN Kazan (RUS) 3 AUG 2015
  • CR 2:11.03 28.64 1:03.82 1:39.42 GUNES Viktoria Zeynep TUR Singapore (SGP) 28 AUG 2015
  • WJ 2:09.98 IKEE Rikako JPN Tokyo (JPN) 29 JAN 2017

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. Justina Kozan (USA)- 2:12.83
  2. Mei Ishihara (JPN)- 2:14.62
  3. Zoe Vogelmann (GER)- 2:14.81
  4. Lea Polonsky (ISR)- 2:15.10
  5. Shiho Matsumoto (JPN)- 2:15.58
  6. Grace Sheble (USA)- 2:15.66
  7. Alba Vazquez (ESP)- 2:15.82
  8. Ashley McMillan (CAN)- 2:15.85

The USA’s Justina Kozan was less than a tenth from her best time, set earlier this month at U.S. Junior Nationals, as she dominated prelims with a 2:12.83. Japan’s Mei Ishihara (2:14.62) touched behind her  in heat 6 to take the 2nd seed overall. Both the USA and Japan will have 2 in this final. Shiho Matsumoto qualified 5th in 2:15.58, just hundredths ahead of Grace Sheble (2:15.66). Spain’s Alba Vazquez, the 400 IM champion, qualified 7th in 2:15.82.

Israel’s Anastasia Gorbenko was the top seed, but was disqualified in prelims. Her best time (2:11.92) is nearly a second faster than the field and stands as the Israeli Record in this event. Gorbenko will swim in the 50 back semis tonight. Teammate Lea Polonsky qualified 4th for this event in 2:15.10.


  • WR 6:58.55 1:44.49 3:28.62 5:14.09 USA – United States Of America Rome (ITA) 31 JUL 2009
  • CR 7:10.95 1:48.68 3:36.20 5:24.43 HUN – Hungary Indianapolis, IN (USA) 26 AUG 2017
  • WJ 7:10.95 1:48.68 3:36.20 5:24.43 HUN – Hungary Indianapolis (USA) 26 AUG 2017

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. USA- 7:13.14
  2. AUS- 7:19.20
  3. RUS- 7:19.51
  4. BRA- 7:20.22
  5. CZE- 7:22.48
  6. HUN- 7:26.42
  7. TUR- 7:26.65
  8. CHN- 7:29.14

The USA took the top spot by 6 seconds this morning, with Jake Magahey putting up the fastest leadoff split of the field. Magahey led off in 1:48.24, which ended up being the 2nd fastest split overall including the rolling-start splits. It was also his lifetime best by a few tenths.

Dare Rose took on the 2nd leg for the Americans in 1:48.78, followed by Wyatt Davis in 1:48.33. Jake Mitchell brought them home with the fastest split of the field in 1:47.79 as the combined for an overall time of 7:13.14. They were the only team to get all 4 splits under 1:49.

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3 years ago

Not qualifying for the 100 butterfly & a no show for the 50 fly qualifies you as a “butterfly standout” does it?….perplexed stare

Reply to  MikeM
3 years ago

A 153 200 fly qualifies you as a butterfly standout, junior or otherwise. His 100 fly semi was right after the 200 free, which he won. There was the women’s 50 breast in between. Sucky schedule for him but if you think that was the actual time he could go …

Reply to  Teamwiess
3 years ago

A 1.53.84 is an impressive swim. If he can produce that time, or better, on the international stage he’d be in the mix to qualify as as a “butterfly standout”. On the other hand a 1.50.73 certainly qualifies you as the “butterfly standout”. As for the 100 fly I doubt very much in a rested state he could have bettered a 51.25 (winning time) – same swimmer swam 50.83 at worlds a few weeks ago (silver medal). I believe Luca’s best time is 52.04…..

3 years ago

Jakub Stemberk’s stroke really stood out at Euro Juniors in the 400fr heats. 2s PB leading off the Czech 4×2 this morning. Not setting the pool on fire yet but he is one to watch.

3 years ago

29.97 storming home in the free for Justina Kozan. She has 29″ in her.
And another DQ for the co-favorite Gorbenko..incredible

3 years ago

2.15.36 in the 200 breastroke in an early heat for Gabor Zombori. Remarkable for a backstroker/freer specialist

Reply to  nuotofan
3 years ago

Don’t think he has done himself any favours by competing in so many events.

Reply to  Oceanian
3 years ago

Agreed, especially that 200 Im heat on the day after the 400 free and in the same session of 200 free. Anyway he could become a great Imer.

Reply to  nuotofan
3 years ago

Hungarians know a thing or 2 in IM’s …..hahaha

Awsi Dooger
3 years ago

Not bad from Tuggle but she would improve so much if she understood the benefit of the underwaters. I noticed that at nationals. After every turn she surfaces and has already begun the first stroke before the 5 meter mark.

Pallister is interesting because at least tonight she was surfacing noticeably later on the odd turns 1-3-5-7 than the evens 2-4-6. Maybe a full meter difference. I saw it on the first 100 and wondered if it would hold up throughout. It did.

Tuggle missed the second seed by .01

3 years ago

Lauren you missed a name on 50 back
Fernanda Gomes celidonio 12 with 29,16 that pushes lena to 17

manoj ghimire
3 years ago

Luca didnot participate or failed to advanced semifinal?

Reply to  manoj ghimire
3 years ago

Didn’t participate

Reply to  manoj ghimire
3 years ago

Luca DNS

Reply to  manoj ghimire
3 years ago

Good choice by Luca. 50 is not his event.

Reply to  Andy
3 years ago

Then why nominate to swim the event?

Reply to  MikeM
3 years ago

Exactly – would rather one of our (many) good sprinters have a shot than an empty lane

3 years ago

Another big (0.8s) PB from O’Callaghan.

Reply to  Troyy
3 years ago

Really a great swimmer in the making, northeless her lack of power towards the big guns (Walsh, Harris).
Amazing her capacity to swim fast also after tough doubles: 100 back final after the 100 free semifinal and mixed free relay after the 100 free final.

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