2019 Canadian Swimming Trials: Day 5 Prelims Live Recap


The final preliminary session from the 2019 Canadian Trials will be a relatively light one with just the 200 IM, 50 freestyle, and the early heats of the women’s 800 and men’s 1500 free.

Taylor Ruck and Penny Oleksiak have both notably opted out of the women’s 50 free, while Markus Thormeyer has dropped the men’s event.

Kayla Sanchez is entered to swim both the 200 IM and 50 free.

Women’s 150 IM – Para

  1. Aly Van Wyck Smart (SM2), VVAC, 5:13.48 (848)
  2. Nikita Ens (SM3), LASER, 4:41.89 (236)

Women’s 200 IM – Para

  1. Samantha Ryan, NN, 2:44.00 (690)
  2. Katarina Roxon, AASC, 2:49.09 (668)
  3. Camille Berube, NG, 3:13.33 (661)
  4. Angela Marina, BRANT, 2:44.49 (595)
  5. Ariann Hunsicker, SKSC, 2:53.77 (580)
  6. Sabrina Duchesne, UL, 3:23.16 (570)
  7. Tess Routliffe, UL, 3:25.04 (554)
  8. Danielle Dorris, CNBO, 3:10.08 (553)
  9. Justine Morrier, CNHR, 2:48.72 (552)
  10. EmmaGrace Van Dyk, GCAC, 2:48.88 (550)

Men’s 200 IM – Para

  1. Nicholas Bennett (SM14), RAC, 2:19.40 (792)
  2. Alexander Elliot (SM10), UL, 2:19.11 (759)
  3. Nicolas-Guy Turbide, CNQ, 2:15.06 (672)
  4. Zach Zona (SM8), NHAC, 2:42.22 (643)
  5. Philip Vachon (SM9), MEGO, 2:39.72 (585)
  6. Felix Cowan (SM9), SAMAK, 2:48.39 (499)
  7. Nicolas Plamondon (SM9), CNQ, 2:40.36 (495)
  8. Aidan Elliot (SM10), ROW, 2:44.81 (456)
  9. Caleb Arndt (SM13), WRMS, 2:41.83 (448)
  10. Tri Pruneau-Tourny (SM8), 3:25.82 (315)

Women’s 200 IM Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 2:09.07, Sydney Pickrem, 2018
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut: 2:13.03
  1. Sydney Pickrem, UNCAN, 2:12.01
  2. Bailey Andison, PERTH 2:13.57
  3. Kelsey Wog, UMAN, 2:14.19
  4. Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, GO, 2:14.26
  5. Tess Cieplucha, OAK, 2:14.75
  6. Kayla Sanchez, AAC, 2:15.35
  7. Hillary Metcalfe, LOSC, 2:16.21
  8. Mary-Sophie Harvey, 2:16.50
  9. Asia Minnes, NN, 2:17.59
  10. Avery Wiseman, OSC, 2:18.03

Sydney Pickrem cruised to the win in the final heat of the women’s 200 IM, putting up the fastest time of the morning in 2:12.01. Pickrem is the National Record holder in this event having been 2:09.07 last year, and in tonight’s final she’ll be looking to add this to her Worlds schedule along with the 200 breast and 400 IM.

Bailey Andison swam a lifetime best by .03 to qualify second in 2:13.57, and Kelsey Wog (2:14.19), Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson (2:14.26) and Tessa Cieplucha (2:14.75) were all sub-2:15 to qualify third through fifth. Cieplucha’s swim was a new PB by over a second.

Kayla Sanchez, who has been as fast as 2:12.64, sits sixth in 2:15.35.

Men’s 200 IM Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 1:59.19, Keith Beavers, 2008
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut: 2:00.22
  1. Cole Pratt, CASC, 2:02.11
  2. Robert Hill, UCSC, 2:02.21
  3. Finlay Knox, MAVS, 2:02.44
  4. Josh Zakala, ISC, 2:03.48
  5. Javier Acevedo, UNVAR, 2:03.81
  6. Montana Champagne, GO, 2:03.99
  7. Mack Darragh, OAK, 2:04.51
  8. Brian Palaschuk, ROD, 2:04.63
  9. William Marois, CHENA, 2:04.72
  10. James Dergousoff, CHENA, 2:04.76

Cole Pratt won the first circle-seeded heat of the men’s 200 IM in 2:02.21, a time that stood up as the fastest overall heading into tonight’s final. That improves on his previous best of 2:02.79.

Robert Hill produced the fastest breaststroke split in the field (34.83) to win the final heat in 2:02.21, good for the #2 seed, and Finlay Knox had the fastest freestyle leg of anyone in 29.07 to win the penultimate heat in the third fastest time overall (2:02.44). Knox was the 2018 Youth Olympic bronze medalist in this event in a time of 2:01.91.

Javier Acevedo, who has yet to add his name to the Worlds roster, advanced in fifth (2:03.81), and top seed coming in Mack Darragh was back in seventh (2:04.51).

Women’s 50 Free Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 24.26, Taylor Ruck, 2018
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut: 25.04
  1. Sarah Fournier, CNQ, 25.49
  2. Kayla Sanchez, AAC, 25.66
  3. Alyson Ackman, PCSC, 25.78
  4. Hanna Henderson, ESWIM, 25.81
  5. Maggie MacNeil, LAC, 25.84
  6. Kyla Leibel, RDCSC, 25.85
  7. Roxane Lemieux, NN, 25.97
  8. Jade Hannah, ISC, 26.05
  9. Ariane Mainville, CAMO, 26.09
  10. Raphaelle Dandois-Samson, NN, 26.13

Sarah Fournier finished just 0.16 off of her lifetime best to qualify first for the women’s 50 free final in 25.49, followed by Kayla Sanchez (25.66) who had a quick turnaround after her 200 IM. With the Taylor Ruck scratch, Sanchez holds the fastest PB in the field at 24.94 and is also the World Junior Record holder in the short course version of this event.

The top-7 qualifiers broke 26 seconds, including Hanna Henderson (25.78) Maggie MacNeil (25.84) who both did so for the first time.

Men’s 50 Free Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 21.73, Brent Hayden, 2009
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut: 22.18
  1. Yuri Kisil, WD, 22.46
  2. Will Pisani, UNCAN, 22.61
  3. Alex Loginov, TSC, 22.64
  4. Joshua Liendo, NYAC, 22.84
  5. Mehdy Ayoubi, CAMO, 22.86
  6. James LeBuke, CSSSC, 22.99
  7. Cameron Kidd, TSC, 23.14
  8. Spencer Bougie, PCSC, 23.16
  9. Kyle Troskot, KSC, 23.17
  10. Antoine Bernard-Lalonde, CAMO, 23.20

Yuri Kisil topped the men’s 50 free heats in a time of 22.46, and will be aiming for that FINA ‘A’ cut of 22.18 tonight. He holds a best of 22.02 from the Pan Pacific Championships last summer where he won bronze.

Will Pisani was a tenth off his best time to take second in 22.61, and Alex Loginov qualified third in 22.64.

Breaking 23 seconds for the first time was Joshua Liendo, who brought his best time down from 23.22 to 22.84 to qualify fourth. That puts him just .03 off of the 15-17 National Age Group Record.

Nikola Miljenic was the second fastest swimmer overall in 22.59, but since he’s Croatian he’ll be relegated to the ‘B’ final tonight. His best time stands at 22.48.

Women’s 50 Free – Para

  1. Aurelie Rivard (S10), UL, 28.84 (855)
  2. Morgan Bird (S8), CASC, 32.03 (800)
  3. Ariann Hunsicker (S10), SKSC, 30.91 (694)
  4. Abi Tripp (S8), KYPS, 33.93 (673)
  5. Samantha Ryan (S10), NN, 31.28 (670)
  6. Myriam Soliman (S6), MUST, 39.32 (590)
  7. Tatiana Nauly (S8), CNBF, 39.55 (425)
  8. Megan Sherwin (S8), VVAC, 40.09 (408)
  9. Colleen Cloetta (S8), PCSC, 42.35 (346)
  10. Jessica Tinney (S6), KYPS, 48.83 (308)

Men’s 50 Free – Para

  1. Matthew Cabraja (S11), COBRA, 27.83
  2. Alexander Elliot (S10), UL, 25.86
  3. Nicolas-Guy Turbide (S13), CNQ, 25.93
  4. Philippe Vachon (S9), MEGO, 29.16
  5. Nicolas Plamondon (S9), CNQ, 30.21
  6. Felix Thomas Cowan (S9), SAMAK, 30.42
  7. Caleb Arndt (S13), WRMS, 28.76
  8. Aidan Elliot (S10), ROW, 30.34
  9. Aleksa Cakalj (S5), SFNV, 57.57

Women’s 800 Free – Early Heats

  • Canadian Record: 8:20.02, Brittany Maclean, 2014
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut: 8:38.56

Junior sensation Summer McIntosh continued her assault on the Canadian Age Group Records in the early heats of the women’s 800 free, lowering her 11-12 mark of 9:07.16 in a time of 8:55.30. She holds the top time for now, with the fastest seeded heat swimming with finals tonight.

Men’s 1500 Free – Early Heats

  • Canadian Record: 14:39.63, Ryan Cochrane, 2012
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut: 15:07.38

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4 years ago

Javier better talk to Matt

4 years ago

Javier better talk to Matt

4 years ago

Javier better talk to Matt!

4 years ago

One has to remember that when someone like Ruck scratches the 50 or any event at a Trials, you have to have in the back of your thinking about her load for Worlds! Not only her individual events that all have prelims, semis, and finals but also there are now 5 relays contested and you know she will be on all of them! That is a HUGE workload for anyone. Same goes for Dressel and other stud mid distance (or sprinters).

Reply to  Superfan
4 years ago

I don’t think she would have competed in 50 free in Gwangju even if she managed to qualify tonight. I also think it would be wise to scratch the 100 back and focus on her best 3 individual events. I’ve lost count on how many relays they have to swim now.

Reply to  Marley09
4 years ago

I would’ve thought the same thing until she went 58.55 in the 100 Back. If she were to scratch one of her top four events (100/200FR, 100/200BK), I’d say to scratch the 100 free.Ruck has been 52 high and there are so many 52 100 freestylers – blume, sjostrom, c1, c2, mckeon, bonnet, kromo, heemskerk

Ruck has a better podium chance in the 100 Back than the 100 Free
As of now – I would say out of the four her worst is the 100 Free

Reply to  seans
4 years ago

I also agree that she doesn’t have good chances for podium in 100free, but I’m wondering why is it that your list of those who most likely will be better of her doesn’t include any American 52sec swimmers who have personal best better than Ruck’s one Is it just your attitude or simply memory gaps 😀

Reply to  Yozhik
4 years ago

Not every single thing has to be about an American and this is coming from an American

4 years ago

Ruck’s scratch in the 50 widely opens to the door for Sanchez to snatch an individual spot
Kind of weird to see Ruck scratch since she has been as fast as 24.2

Reply to  seans
4 years ago

She’s already got 4 individual events and potentially 5 relays (and potentially the 50m backstroke). That’s a pretty busy competition.

4 years ago

Top 3 women’s 200 free at world champs this year? Any ideas

Reply to  Anonymous
4 years ago

Ruck, Titmus, Ledecky

Reply to  Jeff
4 years ago

In that order?

Reply to  Anonymous
4 years ago

I think. But I’m not that confident Ledecky will medal ahead of Bonnet

Reply to  Jeff
4 years ago


bear drinks beer
Reply to  Anonymous
4 years ago

Titmus, Ledecky, Bonnet.🙂

Reply to  bear drinks beer
4 years ago

What about sjostrom, wang jianjiahe, li bingjie, Hosszu?

Reply to  Anonymous
4 years ago

Just an accident

4 years ago

Good swim by Andison getting lane 5 tonight. Smart move by her moving from Denver to Indiana. Will be a good battle for 2nd place behind Pickrem. Hope they get two under the standard.

4 years ago

Can you please add the para events to the live recap?

Reply to  vgm
4 years ago

They have been doing a good job so far, the results just aren’t our yet for the para is all

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