2018 W. NCAAs: Stanford Blasts 400 Medley Relay American Record


With their win in the 400 medley relay, Stanford completed its sweep of day 2 of the 2018 NCAA Championships.

The team of Ally Howe, Kim Williams, Janet Hu, and Simone Manuel split 50.34/58.59/50.36/45.80 for a new American, NCAA, and U.S. Open record of 3:25.09 (they set the previous record, 3:25.15, last month)

Williams and Manuel were the only members of the team to improve on their 2018 Pac-12 Championships swims. Manuel dropped from 45.95 to 45.80, while William dropped from 58.61 to 58.59. Howe added .13, while Hu added .02.

Despite the drop in her split, in the race, Williams appeared to lose a lot of ground as she was overtaken by Lilly King‘s 56.02. Minnesota’s Lindsey Kozelsky was also faster in 57.49, and Louisville’s Mariia Astashkina went 58.42. Hu’s split was second only to Cal’s Noemie Thomas, who went 50.25.

Manuel was out-split by only Louisville’s Mallory Comerford, who went 45.74.

Team 100 Back Split 100 Breast Split 100 Fly Split 100 Free Split Final Time
 Stanford (NCAAs 2018)  Ally Howe-50.34  Kim Williams-58.59 Janet Hu-50.36 Simone Manuel-45.80  3:25.09
Stanford (Pac-12s 2018) Ally Howe– 50.21 Kim Williams– 58.61 Janet Hu– 50.38 Simone Manuel– 45.95 3:25.15


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4 years ago

Why did Tennessee get disqualified? Livestats says swimmer #4 – stroke infraction – on freestyle? Must have been a Lochte rule infraction – dumbest rule ever adopted.

Reply to  Wahooswimfan
4 years ago

it was the lochte rule. super annoying.

Reply to  paloozas
4 years ago

There’s freestyle and then a 5th stroke that you swim in the medley and IM. Really stupid rule.

Reply to  Wahooswimfan
4 years ago

Since when did Lochte rule apply to medley relay? The freestyle should be just that—any stroke the swimmer wants it to be!

Reply to  CraigH
4 years ago

yeah, for real. you can legally do flip turns in a breaststroke race, but you cant push off on your back and kick underwater. oy vey.

4 years ago

What is wrong with Ledecky? She swam kinda slow.

Reply to  Stankgal
4 years ago

4IM was greater focus in training leading up to this week after PAC-12s or maybe she just had an off day?

4 years ago

If you add the fastest splits from the final:
Nelson 49.83
King 56.02
Hansson 49.24
Comerford 45.74
You get a cummilative time of 3:20.86, which is just insane.

Reply to  IM FAN
4 years ago

Crazy that Stanford pulled out the win & record without any of the fastest splits

Reply to  tooimpressed
4 years ago

If Nelson and King were at Stanford that would’ve been insane

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