2016 Speedo Juniors: Michael Andrew, Kenisha Liu, Carmel SC Win Honors

2016 Speedo U.S. Junior National Championships

The 2016 Speedo U.S. Junior National Championships wrapped up on Friday with an awards ceremony to honor the outstanding individuals and teams from the five-day meet.

The women’s high point of the meet award was bestowed on Kenisha Liu, of Brea Aquatics, for her 98.5 points stemming from the following finishes:

  • 50 free – 5th
  • 100 free – 3rd
  • 200 free – 10th
  • 200 breast – 9th
  • 100 fly – 8th
  • 200 fly – 7th
  • 200 IM – 4th
  • 400 IM – 4th

Race Pace Club’s Michael Andrew won the men’s high point of the meet award with 140 points for his finishes:

  • 50 free – 1st
  • 100 free – 1st
  • 100 back – 1st
  • 100 breast – 1st
  • 200 breast – 1st
  • 100 fly – 1st
  • 200 IM – 1st

The team awards in the women’s meet went to

  1. Carmel Swim Club – 249 points
  2. Fort Collins Area Swim Team – 237 points
  3. Magnolia Aquatic Club – 225 points

In the men’s meet, the winning teams were:

  1. Dayton Raiders – 249 points
  2. Carmel Swim Club – 153.5 points
  3. Race Pace Club – 140 points

The combined men’s/women’s top teams were:

  1. Carmel Swim Club – 402.5 points
  2. Austin Swim Club – 296.5 points
  3. Fort Collins Area Swim Team – 249 points

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Swim fan
7 years ago

I completely agree that points are NOT indicative of best performances. I have been watching MIchael Andrew for many years. Saw him at trials and was very happy for him that he raced so well. However, anyone who has followed this young man’s career is aware that his days of dominating his age group are slowing down if not over. This meet did not even have ALL the fastest juniors yet MA was Very close to being beat in 3 events: 100 free: Kibler, a year younger, ahead at the 50, MA wins by .18
200 Breast, Nowicki touched the wall first but was DQ’d
100 back, MA fought hard to win only by .05! These are events… Read more »

7 years ago

I always have problems with the high point winner award. MA of course was the best swimmer of the meet. Nothing against Kenisha personally and she deserves the award. She swam eight events with a 3rd place as the highest finish but no PBs. A few ladies had better performances: R Smith, D Luther, etc.

7 years ago

Agreed…Kenisha was good. But Regan Smith killed this meet at 14 years old. Had all personal bests. Huge swims vs others across the country. 96 points to liu’s 98.5 with one less event. Doesn’t age up until Feb or Mar. Her number of VERY highly ranked all time top 100 swims is impressive. Fastest 200im in the country (13-14) with a 43 breast split! But she’s clearly improving that weakness. Incredible speed. Her assault on the NAG records prior to turning 15 will be really interesting to follow. Guessing 100/200 Fly and back with reasonable shots at 200 free and im. Either at winter nationals or Jr’s. Maybe an arena pro in January? World Cup selection is complicated but she… Read more »

Reply to  Jake
7 years ago

Jake – Thank you for your comment on Regan. She is our local star and we have enjoyed watching her swim for years. She is now getting a lot of national attention and has a great future.

Reply to  Jake
7 years ago

Kenisha wasnt at her best at this meet but I think that’s commendable. Even at an off meet she swam 8 events and still scored in all of them. You might recall the weekend before she had an amazing meet at sectionals. Props to Regan Smith as well, she killed it at the meet, but the award is high point, not swimmer of the meet.

7 years ago

Didn’t he come second in the 200 breast? Keep doing what you’re doing MA!!!

Reply to  Nohatersplease
7 years ago

first was dq’ed. didnt watch until eh? 😉

Reply to  anonymoose
7 years ago

*until the end

7 years ago

Michael Andrew is an overrate swimmer.He haven’t been achieve anything at World championship or Olympics games

P c
Reply to  ddu
7 years ago

Calm down Satan

Reply to  ddu
7 years ago

He is a junior world champion, junior world record holder, and finished 4th in the Olympic trials.

Reply to  ddu
7 years ago

MA is the best age group swimmer in the US history. He will be a major player in coming years, probably contending in Tokyo. Check your spelling and grammar before belittling a huge talent in our country.

Irish Ringer
Reply to  ddu
7 years ago

While the statement may be a little strong here were his times from Junior Nats and US Open so you can decide yourself. A personal best in 200 BR and overall really good times for a 17 year old. Too early to tell if he’s going to be an Olympic or World Champion someday. In my own humble opinion he’s working towards being strong in all the 50’s as well as the 100 BR.

50 FR 22.30
100 BR 1:00.08
100 FR 50.09
100 Fly 53.18
100 BK 55.46
200 BR 2:13.90
200 IM 2:01.7

The week before at the US Open

50 FR 22.42
200 BR 2:17.17
200 BK 2:05.44
100 Fly 53.67
100 BR 1:01.03
200 IM 2:03.37

Reply to  ddu
7 years ago

He literally placed third in the men’s club scores. By himself. That’s incredible

Reply to  ddu
7 years ago

I posted a completely opposite post about Ledecky saying she needs to go pro. Andrews the opposite. He should see if there is anyway to get his college eligibility back. No way he’s making that much money. He’s never even internationally medaled. Great Agee group swimmer yes. Great international swimmer…not yet. He won’t make enough money to pass up a degree from Cal or Stanford until he gets a gold medal. Right now I never see him beating Peaty. Get your eligibility back! Go to cal!

Reply to  Porkchop2244
7 years ago

What’s he missing by going to college? He can do online courses if he wants to expand his education. True, he misses having the opportunity to swim on a team, but he’s never experienced being part of a relay anyway. There are many swimmers where college does benefit them, but if he keeps on training and growing. He’ll be just fine and WILL make the team to Rio. Too bad he’s not swimming for Singapore. He could probably rack up gold in 2 events.

Reply to  racepaceswimming
7 years ago

Online degree vs Stanford, Cal, wherever he wants. Seriously? Degrees from those universities open doors for careers, again, CAREERS. If he doesn’t make significant money in the next five years he’ll be wishing this. A good career that can span decades is with more than what I believe he can make right now. Way more. He gets a gold medal or two in Olympics, different story. Until then, degree is way to go. Swim at Cal, go pro when you win. Online degree. JOKE

ice age swimmer
Reply to  racepaceswimming
7 years ago


About Anne Lepesant

Anne Lepesant

Anne Lepesant is the mother of four daughters, all of whom swam in college. With an undergraduate degree from Princeton (where she was an all-Ivy tennis player) and an MBA from INSEAD, she worked for many years in the financial industry, both in France and the U.S. Anne is currently …

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