2016 Rio Olympics Diving Entry List Released, 135 to Compete

The 2016 Rio Olympics start early next month, and FINA has released the names of 135 divers who have been confirmed as participants in the various diving events across springboard and platform.

Below is the full list of divers who are entered to compete in Rio, arranged by country (alphabetically). China has the most divers, with 13 entered to compete.

View who is competing in each event, in separate lists, here.

No. Gender Country First Name Last Name Event(s)
1 m AUS Domonic BEDGGOOD 10m Individual
2 m AUS Kevin CHAVEZ 3m Individual
3 m AUS James CONNOR 10m Individual
4 m AUS Grant NEL 3m Individual
5 w AUS Brittany BROBEN 10m Individual
6 w AUS Maddison KEENEY 3m Individual / 3m Synchro
7 w AUS Esther QIN 3m Individual
8 w AUS Annabelle SMITH 3m Synchro
9 w AUS Melissa WU 10m Individual
10 m AUT Constantin BLAHA 3m Individual
11 m BLR Vadim KAPTUR 10m Individual
12 m BLR Yauheni KARALIOU 10m Individual
13 m BRA Cesar CASTRO 3m Individual
14 m BRA Ian MATOS 3m Synchro
15 m BRA Jackson OLIVEIRA 10m Synchro
16 m BRA Luiz Felipe OUTERELO 3m Synchro
17 m BRA Hugo PARISI 10m Individual / 10m Synchro
18 w BRA Ingrid OLIVEIRA 10m Individual / 10m Synchro
19 w BRA Giovanna PEDROSO 10m Synchro
20 w BRA Tammy TAKAGI 3m Synchro
21 w BRA Juliana VELOSO 3m Individual / 3m Synchro
22 m CAN Maxim BOUCHARD 10m Individual
23 m CAN Philippe GAGNE 3m Individual
24 m CAN Vincent RIENDEAU 10m Individual
25 w CAN Jennifer ABEL 3m Individual / 3m Synchro
26 w CAN Meaghan BENFEITO 10m Individual /10m Synchro
27 w CAN Roseline FILION 10m Individuall /10m Synchro
28 w CAN Pamela WARE 3m Individual / 3m Synchro
29 m CHN Yuan CAO 3m Individual / 3m Synchro
30 m CHN Aisen CHEN 10m Individual /10m Synchro
31 m CHN Chao HE 3m Individual
32 m CHN Yue LIN 10m Synchro
33 m CHN Kai QIN 3m Synchro
34 m CHN Bo QIU 10m Individual
35 w CHN Ruolin CHEN 10m Synchro
36 w CHN Zi HE 3m Individual
37 w CHN Huixia LIU 10m Synchro
38 w CHN Qian REN 10m Individual
39 w CHN Tingmao SHI 3m Individual / 3m Synchro
40 w CHN Yajie SI 10m Individual
41 w CHN Minxia WU 3m Synchro
42 m COL Sebastian MORALES MENDOZA 3m Individual
43 m COL Victor Hugo ORTEGA SERNA 10m Individual
44 m COL Sebastian VILLA CASTANEDA 10m Individual
45 w COL Diana Isabel PINEDA ZULETA 3m Individual
46 w CRO Marcela MARIC 3m Individual
47 m EGY Mohab Mohymen EL KORDY 10m Individual
48 m EGY Youssef Amr Ezzat SELIM 3m Individual
49 w EGY Maha Khaled Eissa AMER 3m Individual
50 w EGY Maha GOUDA 10m Individual
51 m FRA Benjamin AUFFRET 10m Individual
52 m FRA Matthieu ROSSET 3m Individual
53 w FRA Laura MARINO 10m Individual
54 m GBR Thomas DALEY 10m Individual / 10m Synchro
55 m GBR Daniel GOODFELLOW 10m Synchro
56 m GBR Jack LAUGHER 3m Individual / 3m Synchro
57 m GBR Chris MEARS 3m Synchro
58 m GBR Frederick WOODWARD 3m Individual
59 w GBR Sarah BARROW 10m Individual
60 w GBR Alicia BLAGG 3m Synchro
61 w GBR Tonia COUCH 10m Individual / 10m Synchro
62 w GBR Rebecca GALLANTREE 3m Individual / 3m Synchro
63 w GBR Grace REID 3m Individual
64 w GBR Lois TOULSON 10m Synchro
65 m GER Stephan FECK 3m Individual / 3m Synchro
66 m GER Patrick HAUSDING 3m Individual / 3m Synchro / 10m Synchro
67 m GER Sascha KLEIN 10m Individual / 10m Synchro
68 m GER Martin WOLFRAM 10m Individual
69 w GER Maria KURJO 10m Individual
70 w GER Tina PUNZEL 3m Individual / 3m Synchro
71 w GER Nora SUBSCHINSKI 3m Individual / 3m Synchro
72 w GER Elena WASSEN 10m Individual
73 w HUN Gyongyver Villo KORMOS 10m Individual
74 m IRL Oliver DINGLEY 3m Individual
75 m ITA Michele BENEDETTI 3m Individual
76 m ITA Andrea CHIARABINI 3m Individual / 3m Synchro
77 m ITA Giovanni TOCCI 3m Synchro
78 m ITA Maicol VERZOTTO 10m Individual
79 w ITA Noemi BATKI 10m Individual
80 w ITA Tania CAGNOTTO 3m Individual / 3m Synchro
81 w ITA Francesca DALLAPE 3m Synchro
82 w ITA Maria MARCONI 3m Individual
83 m JAM Jona R. KNIGHT-WISDOM 3m Individual
84 m JPN Sho SAKAI 3m Individual
85 m JPN Ken TERAUCHI 3m Individual
86 w JPN Minami ITAHASHI 10m Individual
87 m KOR Haram WOO 3m Individual / 10m Individual
88 m MAS Ahmad Amsyar AZMAN 3m Individual
89 m MAS Tze Liang OOI 10m Individual
90 w MAS Jun Hoong CHEONG 3m Individual / 3m Synchro / 10m Synchro
91 w MAS Yan Yee NG 3m Individual
92 w MAS Pandelela Rinong PAMG 10m Individual / 10m Synchro
93 w MAS Nur Dhabitah SABRI 10m Individual / 3m Synchro
94 m MEX Ivan GARCIA 10m Individual / 10m Synchro
95 m MEX Rodrigo LOPEZ 3m Individual
96 m MEX Jahir OCAMPO 3m Synchro
97 m MEX Rommel PACHECO 3m Individual
98 m MEX German SANCHEZ 10m Individual
99 w MEX Paola ESPINOSA 10m Individual
100 w MEX Dolores HERNANDEZ 3m Individual
101 w MEX Melany HERNANDEZ 3m Individual
102 w MEX Alejandra OROZCO 10m Individual / 10m Synchro
103 w NED Uschi FREITAG 3m Individual
104 w NZL Elizabeth CUI 3m Individual
105 w PRK Kuk Hyang KIM 10m Individual / 10m Synchro
106 w PRK Mi Rae KIM 10m Synchro
107 w PRK Un Hyang KIM 10m Individual
108 m PUR Rafael QUINTERO 10m Individual
109 w RSA Julia VINCENT 3m Individual
110 m RUS Evgenii KUZNETSOV 3m Individual / 3m Synchro
111 m RUS Viktor MINIBAEV 10m Individual / 10m Synchro
112 m RUS Nikita SHLEIKHER 10m Individual / 10m Synchro
113 m RUS Ilia ZAKHAROV 3m Individual / 3m Synchro
114 w RUS Nadezhda BAZHINA 3m Individual
115 w RUS Kristina ILINYKH 3m Individual
116 w RUS Ekaterina PETUKHOVA 10m Individual
117 w RUS Yulia TIMOSHININA 10m Individual
118 m UKR Maksym DOLGOV 10m Synchro
119 m UKR Oleksandr GORSHKOVOZOV 10m Synchro
120 m UKR Illya KVASHA 3m Individual
121 w UKR Olena FEDOROVA 3m Individual
122 w UKR Ganna KRASNOSHLYK 10m Individual
123 w UKR Anastasiia NEDOBIGA 3m Individual
124 w UKR Iuliia PROKOPCHUK 10m Individual
125 m USA David BOUDIA 10m Individual / 10m Synchro
126 m USA Samuel DORMAN 3m Synchro
127 m USA Michael HIXON 3m Individual / 3m Synchro
128 m USA Kristian IPSEN 3m Individual
129 m USA Steele JOHNSON 10m Individual / 10m Synchro
130 w USA Kassidy COOK 3m Individual
131 w USA Amelia COZAD 10m Synchro
132 w USA Abigail JOHNSTON 3m Individual
133 w USA Jessica PARRATTO 10m Individual / 10m Synchro
134 w USA Katrina YOUNG 10m Individual
135 m VEN Jesus LIRANZO 10m Individual
136 m VEN Robert PAEZ 10m Individual

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