2016 Orlando Pro Series: Day 1 Finals Live Recap

2016 Orlando Pro Swim Series

Women’s 200m Freestyle

  1. Katie Ledecky, 1:55.73
  2. Missy Franklin, 1:57.67
  3. Allison Schmitt, 1:58.18

In what will be a terrific race at the US Olympic Trials, Katie Ledecky, Missy Franklin and Allison Schmitt squared off in the women’s 200 free, with Ledecky ultimately triumphing in a very fast time of 1:55.73. Franklin was 2nd in 1:57.67, and Schmitt was 3rd in 1:58.18. That will likely be 3/4 of the US 800 free relay in Rio. Ledecky got out first in 56.64, and increased her leg over the final 100.

Melanie Margalis was 4th in 1:58.38, and Manuella Lyrio (1:58.59), Elizabeth Beisel (2:00.29), Patricia Castro-Ortega (2:00.36), and Simone Manuel (2:02.61) rounded out the A-final. Youngster Taylor Ruck claimed the B-final in 1:59.78.

Men’s 200m Freestyle

  1. Conor Dwyer, 1:46.96
  2. Dion Dreesens, 1:48.17
  3. Nicolas Oliveira, 1:48.49

Dion Dreesens took it out hard, but Conor Dwyer ultimately overtook him to take the win in the men’s 200 free in a time of 1:46.96. Dreesens held on for 2nd in 1:48.17, and Nicolas Oliveira of Brazil was 3rd in 1:48.49. Russian Nikita Lobintsev (1:49.33) of Trojan Swim Club was 4th, Brazil’s Joao De Lucca (1:49.65) was 5th, and Andrea D’Arrigo (1:49.66) of Italy was 6th. Michael Klueh (1:50.36) and Zane Grothe (1:50.44) rounded out the A-final. Dan Wallace of Gator Swim Club won the B-final in 1:49.22.

Women’s 100m Breaststroke

  1. Yuliya Efimova, 1:05.70
  2. Molly Hannis & Melanie Margalis, 1:07.37

Yuliya Efimova of Trojan won the women’s 100 breast easily, taking off more than 2 seconds from prelims touching in a time of 1:05.70. Molly Hannis and Melanie Margalis tied for 2nd in 1:07.37, and Hrafnhildur Luthersdottir of Gator Swim Club was 4th in 1:08.10. Emma Reaney (1:09.25), Emily McClellan (1:09.73), Julia Sebastian (1:10.38), and Justine Bowker (1:10.80) rounded out the A-final. Ashley McGregor won the B-final in 1:10.40.

Men’s 100m Breaststroke

  1. Joao Gomes, 1:00.64
  2. Josh Prenot, 1:00.66
  3. Felipe Lima, 1:00.73

After Cody Miller touched first in 59.94, he was disqualified for multiple dolphin kicks (presumably during the pullout), giving Brazil’s Joao Gomes the victory in a time of 1:00.64. Cal’s Josh Prenot got bumped up to 2nd in 1:00.66, and Gomes’ Brazilian teammate Felipe Lima got bumped up into 3rd with a time of 1:00.73. Sam Tierney was 4th in 1:00.96, Nic Fink was 5th in 1:01.61, and Chuck Katis was 6th in 1:02.74. Michael Andrew rounded out the A-final in 1:03.70, and Sean Mahoney won the B-final in 1:02.91.

Women’s 100m Butterfly

  1. Aliena Schmidtke, 59.94
  2. Allison Schmitt, 1:00.02
  3. Felicia Lee, 1:00.16

Aliena Schmidtke was victorious in the women’s 100 fly as she was the only one to crack the 1:00 barrier, finishing in 59.94. Allison Schmitt threw down an impressive double finishing 2nd in 1:00.02, and Felicia Lee was 3rd in 1:00.16. Ivy Martin (1:00.19), Fanny Teijonsalo (1:00.49), Jessica Nava (1:00.65), Danielle Barbiea (1:00.73), and Easop Lee (1:00.91) finished 4th through 8th, respectively.

Men’s 100m Butterfly

  1. Michael Phelps, 52.28
  2. Tom Shields, 52.35
  3. Henrique Martins, 52.59

Michael Phelps managed to just get by Tom Shields by 0.07 in the men’s 100 fly, with Phelps touching first in 52.28 with Shields close behind in 52.35. Brazil’s Henrique Martins was 3rd in 52.59, and Pavel Sankovich was 4th in 52.71. Giles Smith (53.16), Eugene Godsoe (53.45), Santiago Grassi (53.46), and David Williams (54.26) rounded out the A-final, and David Nolan won the B-final in 53.03.

Women’s 400m IM

  1. Maya Dirado, 4:36.82
  2. Vien Nguyen, 4:39.64
  3. Becca Mann, 4:40.44

World silver medalist Maya Dirado got well ahead of the field and never looked back, touching in 4:36.82 for the win. Vien Nguyen used a solid breaststroke leg to finish 2nd in 4:39.64, just ahead of Becca Mann who was 3rd in 4:40.44. With not much time between this and the 200 free, Katie Ledecky had a fast free leg of 59.81, but ultimately just missed the podium placing 4th in 4:40.95. Sierra Schmidt (4:49.55), Virginia Bardach (4:51.17), and Natalia Jaspeado (4:52.95) rounded out the A-final, and Regan Barney was disqualified for “swimming more than 100m of backstroke”, which was odd.

Men’s 400m IM

  1. Chase Kalisz, 4:15.36
  2. Sebastien Rousseau, 4:20.06
  3. Robert Finke, 4:23.66

Chase Kalisz pulled away from the field on the breaststroke leg splitting 1:10.79, to ultimately win easily in 4:15.36. Sebastien Rousseau had a good front half, and hung on for 2nd in 4:20.06. 16 year-old Robert Finke of Saint Petersburg had a great swim clocking 4:23.66 for 3rd, a time that puts him at #12 on the all-time rankings in the 15-16 boys age group. Andrew Abruzzo (4:26.42), Christian Carbone (4:27.47), Brian Palaschuk (4:28.76), Michael Weiss (4:30.03), and Carlos Omana (4:31.77) rounded out the A-final. Dan Wallace picked up his second B-final win of the night, clocking a time that would have placed 2nd in the A-final with a quick 4:19.14.





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5 years ago

Cody Miller DQ’d for multiple dolphin kicks…….hopefully he doesn’t DQ a US relay this summer :X

Reply to  SVIRD
5 years ago

Ha! beat me to it

5 years ago

I just clicked over to the live stream and saw the start of the 100m breast final and was just thinking if Cody Miller would be DQ’d again….and he was

5 years ago

1.46.96 for Dwyer, why do people think the 4×200 will even be a contest in Rio?

Reply to  Uberfan
5 years ago

ADD a solid Reed Malone . Lochte and Phelps and u got a fabulous 800 free relay .

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