2016 German National Championships, day 3, prelims live recap


  • Thursday, May 5 – Sunday, May 8, 2016
  • Prelims: 9 am local, Finals: 5 pm local, on Sunday: 4 pm local
  • Schwimm- und Sprunghalle im Europa-Sportpark (SSE)
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Short reminder of German Olympic qualification procedure: The 2016 German National Championships are the first part of a two-step nomination procedure for the Olympic Games. The athletes had to swim defined times at National Championships in prelims and in finals. All swimmers who achieve the times will be part of the so-called “long list” and must inform German Head Coach Henning Lambertz in the period of one week after German Nationals in which meet they want to confirm the required performance of the nomination process: at one of the three meets of the Mare Nostrum tour or the German Open. They can only choose ONE of these four possibilities. For this meet, other times are set which are approximately 1,5 % slower than those at German nationals. All swimmers who reach the times and have also finished first or second at the German National Championships will qualify for Rio.

Prelims/Finals, Saturday May 7

Women’s 100 m Freestyle
Men’s 100 m Freestyle
Women’s 200 m Butterfly
Men’s 200 m Butterfly
Women’s 100 m Breaststroke
Men’s 100 m Breaststroke
Women’s 200 m backstroke
Men’s 200 m backstroke
Women’s 200 m IM
Men’s 200 m IM

(All results are intermediate results from the three fastest heats)

Women’s 100 m Freestyle
Nomination times: Prelims 55,08, Final 54,41

No German women made it under the prelims standard: Helen Scholtissek clocked 55,57, followed by Annika Bruhn in 55,59 and Nina Kost in 55,81.

Men’s 100 m Freestyle
Nomination times: Prelims 49,12, Final 48,81

First appearance of Paul Biedermann, World record holder in the 200 m and 400 m freestyle, today in the 100 m free. Damian Wierling set the fastest German time in 2016 so far in 49,56 at the Swim Cup in Eindhoven.

Biedermann finished in 49,72, did not reach the nomination standard.
Only men under the required 49,12 is Mario Kusch in 49,07, Steffen Deibler clocked 49,16.


Women’s 200 m Butterfly
Nomination times: Prelims 2:11,07, Final 2:09,16

Franziska Hentke is the clear favorite in this event, her season best is a 2:08,64 – clearly under nomination standard.

Julia Mrzozinski went 2:15,45 in the first heat. Martina van Berkel, who starts internationally for  Switzerland, set the fastest time in heat 2 in 2:10,51. Second place finisher in this heat is Tina Rüger in 2:14,41. Franziska Hentke is the only women under the German olympic cut in 2:07,49. Her fastest time in this season. She now is 10th in the World ranking.


Men’s 200 m Butterfly
Nomination times: Prelims 1:58,20, Final 1:56,33

Alexander Kunert finished in 1:57,05, under the prelims standard. And also Markus Gierke won his heat in 1:57,30.

Women’s 100 m Breaststroke
Nomination times: Prelims 1:07,81, Final 1:07,32

Alice Ruhnau won the first heat in 1:09,35. Jessica Steiger took the second heat in 1:08,93. Vanessa Grimberg came in with a time of 1:08,39 – no woman is under the nomination standard.

Men’s 100 m Breaststroke
Nomination times: Prelims 1:00,63, Final 1:00,01

A win for Christian vom Lehn in the first heat in 1:00,79 – his best event are the 200 m breaststroke. Fabian Schwingenschloegel finished in 1:00,15 – great race for the US student! Also Marco Koch made it under the qualification time in 1:00,49. Feldwehr clocked 1:00,76.


Women’s 200 m backstroke
Nomination times: Prelims 2:12,14, Final 2:10,39

Nadine Laemmler set a 2:11,91 – faster than the required prelims standard. Very good perfomance – so she is the second German who studies in the US who will have a chance to make it on the longlist to qualify for Rio. Lisa Graf took the win in the second heat in very very fast 2:10,10. In first came Jenny Mensing in the third heat in 2:09,76 – three women are under the German Olympic cut for the heats.


Men’s 200 m backstroke
Nomination times: Prelims 1:59,05, Final 1:58,02

Andreas Wiesner set a time of 2:02,94 in the first heat. Yannick Lebherz scratched his prelims swim. Jan-Philip Glania reached in for the win in the second heat in 1:58,04. Christian Diener picked up the win in the next heat in 1:58,36.


Women’s 200 m IM
Nomination times: Prelims 2:14,12, Final 2:12,91

Theresa Michalak won the first heat in 2:16,51. Maxine Wolters finished in 2:13,54. Fastest swimmer this morning in the 200 m IM ist Alexandra Wenk in 2:11,41. 12th fastest time in the World in 2016. AND A NEW GERMAN NATIONAL RECORD:
Alexandra Wenk, born 1995, in 2:11,41 (splits: 00:28,25 01:02,82 01:40,06 02:11,41)


Men’s 200 m IM Nomination times:
Prelims 2:01,05, Final 1:59,64

Kevin Wedel set a 2:01,25 – 0,10 seconds over the prelims standard. Germany’s teenage swim star Johannes Hintze scratches his prelims swim in the 200 IM. Fastest men are in the third heat – Philip Heintz went 1:58,64 – clearly under the cut.




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I hoped for 13 new qualified athletes: 2 in mens 100 free, 0 in womens 100 free, 2 in mens 100 breast, 0 in womens 100 breast, 1 in mens 200 IM, 2 in womens 200 IM, 1 in mens 200 fly, 1 in womens 200 fly, 2 in mens 200 back and 200 in womens 200 back, but after prelims in womens 200 fly/mens 100 free only 2 instead of 4 swimmers still have a chance to qualify.
Mens 100 free could get interesting, we have 6 or more guys who could swim sub 49 tonight.

Daniela Kapser

Good prediction! Only one man in the 100 free is a little bit disappointing … head Coach Lambertz only will send a men’s 400 Freestyle relay to London if they have a chance to make the final.


So far Kusch (mens 100 free), Kunert + Gierke (mens 200 fly) and Hentke (womens 200 fly) still have a chance to qualify, in womens 100 free no one was fast enough.


Some pretty good results, but also some disappointements: overall the performance of the 100 free mens was okay, but I expected more from di Carli. Grimberg in the 100 breast may concentrates on the 200, but still, a 1:07 would be a better sign for her important race. 100 breast pretty strong with the duell Koch vs Schwingenschlögl, it’s gonna be a great race. There are also some one-man-shows with Glania in 200back, Wenk in 200IM, and Heinz in 200IM.

Daniela Kapser

Also Christian Diener is under prelims nomination time – he is the 2014 silver medalist at the European Championships in the 200 m back. I think, Glania and Diener will swim under the finals cut.. The female breaststrokers are not so fast in the 100 m but Grimberg can make it on the “Long list” in the 200 m.


Yes, I’m curious to see what Diener got, he did not have the same succes in 2015. But Glania looks so strong…but we will see soon 🙂